Why Trophy Hunting Must End Now

People and companies - Charlotte and Dan Peyerks

You might not have heard about Dan and Charlotte Peyerk from Michigan. Charlotte was arrested for illegally killing a grizzly bear in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Her son Mark was also convicted and they were ordered to pay fines of $25,000 and $30,000 respectively.

In court, it was mentioned that the Peyerks tried to alter the date on their camera so that the trophy pictures would show that the bear was shot during the hunting season. The Peyerks also falsified the date of the kill on a state harvest tag and on a Safari Club International trophy entry form.

Later hunts were more successful, according to federal prosecutors. U.S. District Court magistrate Scott Oravec was apparently offended by the lengths to which the Peyerks went to cover up their poaching. “In imposing sentence, (he) commented that besides the illegal taking of wildlife, the more aggravated criminal conduct was the defendants’ multiple written false statements to cover up the illegal kill,” the government’s press release said.

This is typical of the behaviors of these trophy hunters. That is why usually the first thing that comes out of their mouths is “The hunt was legal“!   Killing animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebra and rare antelope, deer and sheep for sport ought not to be legal and many people amazed that it is.  Anyone with enough money can go to any one of a number of sites on the internet and buy a permit to kill these animals.

There is a bloodbath going on not just because of poaching, but through the legal killing of animals whose lives are sold for hard cash. The law must be changed to protect them before it’s too late as more and more species and sub-species become endangered or extinct.

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Astonishingly this is the hobby of many wealthy people in the US, who would rather obsessively travel the globe to kill as many animals as possible of as many different species as possible – including rare and endangered animals which most of them particularly relish and will pay small fortunes for the permit to kill – rather than to help animals or people.

Each year tens of thousands of animals are killed by US hunters in foreign countries. The body parts are legally imported back into the US. While the Endangered Species Act only allows importation of endangered species for scientific research, there are loopholes allowing trophy imports.

Pro-trophy hunters argue this is good for conservation. Their stance is that the money spent on the hunt is poured back into the community for conservation efforts. In reality, research published by the International Council of Game and Wildlife Conservation (a pro-hunting group) shows that only 3% of revenue from hunts goes back to local communities.

Other research has shown that hunting has almost no benefit whatever to the local communities, although it usually does have a detrimental effect, as it inevitably has a negative impact on local ecosystems.  There are links to a number of these articles on the Welcome page of this blog.

In contrast, ecotourism is a $77 billion global industry, employing tour operators, guides, lodge and restaurant employees. vehicle drivers, park guards and people who benefit from the sale of souvenirs.

According to the Alaska Dispatch – like so many other trophy hunters, who often become obsessed with their ‘hobby’ – big game pursuits in all corners of the globe soon became Charlotte Peyerk’s passion, and her list of accomplishments is truly impressive. Charlotte’s hunts include 26 countries on five continents. She has taken far more than 174 animals to date of which hundreds are registered with SCI (Safari Club International), and she has taken 17 species of sheep in five years.

In spite of the fact that she was convicted by a federal court for illegally hunting the bear, Charlotte Peyerk was awarded the club’s (Safari Club International) Diana Award in 2010, on top of that Charlotte is also listed as vice chairwoman of the award selection committee.

You would think that the Ethics Committee will censure Charlotte, and strip her of her Diana Award, and cancel her membership. Instead the Safari Club International promotes this “stamp collector” approach to hunting with various levels of awards. There are mutterings within the hunting community that SCI members regularly flaunt rules by engaging in shady hunts. The awards are terribly important to these trophy hunters because these Safari hunting Clubs offers dozens of awards for killing an assortment of its more than 500 different “record book” animals, ranking the biggest tusks, horns, antlers, skulls and bodies of hunted animals. Hunters receive “Grand Slam” and “Inner Circle” award trophies, among others, for shooting a prescribed list of animals. For example, the “Trophy Animals of Africa” award requires the hunter to kill 79 different African species to win the highest honor.

SCI has an award for “Introduced Trophy Animals of North America,” glorifying hunters who frequent captive hunting ranches. To earn every SCI award at the minimum level, a hunter must kill at least 171 different animals. Many members go well beyond that number. Some of these hunters have more than 600 different animals listed in SCI’s record books.

SCI has dozens of award categories like:

The Diana Award to encourage women to hunt.

The Young Hunter Award to encourage children to hunt.

The International Hunting Award, based on the number and quality of trophies, the number of countries hunted in, total number of hunts taken and the level of entries in the record book.

The World Conservation & Hunting Award, which has nothing to do with conservation. Rather, hunters must kill more than 300 species on six continents.

World Hunting Award Rings require 11 Grand Slams, 17 Inner Circle Awards at the Diamond Level, the Fourth Pinnacle of Achievement and the Crowning Achievement Award—which amounts to a huge menagerie of dead animals.

Inner Circle Awards include Trophy Animals of Africa, Spiral-horned Antelopes of Africa, Pygmy Antelopes of Africa, Wild Turkey Trophy Animals of North America, Introduced Animals of North America, Trophy Animals of South America, Antlered Game of the Americas, Trophy Animals of Europe, Trophy Animals of Asia, Trophy Animals of the South Pacific, Wild Pigs and Peccaries of the World, Antlered Game of the World, Mountain Game of the World, Wild Sheep of the World, Chamois of the World, Red Deer/Wapiti of the World, Predators of the World, Ibex of the World, Gazelles of the World, Wild Oxen of the World and Wild Goats of the World.

Grand Slams, including the African Big Five, Dangerous Game of Africa, African 29, North American 29, Cats of the World, Bears of the World, North American Wild Sheep, North American Elk, North American Caribou, North American Deer, White-tailed Deer of the World, European Deer, Moose of the World, South American Indigenous Animals and Wild Turkey.

Trophy hunters are usually very competitive and love to show off.  No wonder hunters like Charlotte, Melissa Bachmann, Olivia Nacos Opre, Corey Knowlton, the Schockey family and and many, many more must have been under sufficient pressure to kill so many animals to win these awards!

Time has come that we should stop these Safari hunting Clubs from encouraging such excesses and the endless quest for sick awards to those who have lots of spare money and who call themselves “conservationists”?

This is a matter of kill as many animals as you can in as many continents as you can in the shortest time to be awarded all these trophies.

This is the most disgusting sick sport ever and must be stopped!

I am sure that if the general public knew this was happening, the vast majority would not agree that hunting ought to be a pastime at all – particularly trophy hunting – and there are estimates that would be around 95% of the general population.

To normal right-thinking people these practices would be abhorrent and if people knew what was going on there would be such an outcry that laws would be passed to make these practices illegal.  Yet most people don’t even know that this is happening.  

Let’s share the heck out of this article, with friends, family, and anyone and everyone else we know on or outside of Facebook.

The best way to help the animals is to tell the world what is going on, as there are far too many people who don’t know.

Safari Club International Awards and animal hit lists, awards and recipients: http://member.scifirstforhunters.org/static/WHA/

Trophy hunters - Stupidity sees rare white moose let's kill it

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14 thoughts on “Why Trophy Hunting Must End Now”

  1. These trophy hunters are SICK human beings! How could anyone kill innocent animals for sport?! I just can’t fathom how cruel and barbaric this is. It saddens me that they are so proud of their “trophies.” In my opinion, these hunters are morally-bankrupt. If they can senselessly kill animals (sometimes HUNDREDS) without any remorse, that alone speaks VOLUMES of their character or lack thereof. They need to find a new hobby that doesn’t involve slaughtering wild animals.

  2. ALL SPORT HUNTING MUST BE BANNED AND MADE COMPLETELY ILLEGAL WORLDWIDE. We have major worldwide problems with lowlife scum Poaching animals as is, We dont need trigger-happy assho*es running around murdering animals for fun. Its time our world protected ALL ANIMALS and stopped all the killings. Our oceans, our land animals etc are all under massive threat and we are going to completely crash the whole eco-system if we dont act immediately. Killing animals for Sport is disgraceful and horrific and it must end asap. These people in this article are complete criminals and deserve to be thrown in prison and banned for hunting for life. They are obviously engaging in major illegal hunting and have been screwing around trying to beat the system and avoid being charged even though they are 100% guilty. These people make me sick and hopefully a judge will see thru their obvious lies and deceit and sentence them harshly. Enough is enough, its time we made all animals EQUAL to human beings and protected them all.

  3. I encourage anyone who hates trophy hunting (or slob hunting) to ask Google aka YouTube to enforce its video posting guidelines and heed its “don’t be evil” slogan. YouTube allows animal snuff videos to remain online for years, only deleting the most egregious ones.

    You can see just about any species getting shot, including baboons and even swans. If it crawls, walks or flies, some hick somewhere has shot it for fun. Some of the most tragic ones involve elephants. The bow-hunting videos can be the hardest to watch, with blood gushing and prolonged deaths. Wounding scenes are usually deleted so you only see the successful efforts of sport killers.

    These videos get flagged repeatedly and received scathing comments, yet YouTube keeps them online with no justification except crass ad revenue.

    Also, many “hunters” seem to be killing animals solely to show off on camera, inspiring urban viewers taking up “hunting” as a fad sport. Many of the yee-haw shoot-em-up videos have rock music soundtracks and the feel of video games. A number of video posters call themselves “assassins” and the term “kill shot” appears quite often. I think some urbanites get bored with shooting video game characters and want to try it with real guns. They see the whole thing as entertainment and it’s rarely done for sustenance.

    Hunting snuff videos don’t belong in a public forum and are probably adding to the species body-count by virtue of mimicry. Google, take your own advice and stop being EVIL.

  4. One of the best sardonic quotes on this topic:

    “Whenever I see a photograph of some sportsman grinning over his kill, I am always impressed by the striking moral and esthetic superiority of the dead animal to the live one.” (Edward Abbey)

  5. How would these sickos like to be hunted down, tortured and killed themselves?! ?! These in grates are no trophies. They are sadistic, uncompassionate jerks who need to be tortured and killed. I am outraged that this is even allowed. Man should be hunted and killed to see how it feels like to become endangered or ultimately extinct. Tears in my heart every day for these helpless, loving, beautiful creatures minding their business trying to live out their years in peace with their families. Leave them alone!!

  6. I actually think hunting is good because animals prefer to be eaten after they’re dead instead of while still alive… that would be cruel! Killing endangered species is wrong, but most Hunters I’ve known would gladly donate time and money to preserve all endangered species… I am a rancher and believe the cattle sheep etc raised on pasture and wild animals who are hunted have quality of life before being harvested as food, leather & trophies. I see this as good management. What I disagree with is animals being forced to live in unhealthy, cramped, miserable conditions prior to being butchered. I like them to be able to be happy & enjoy life, without suffering, until their time to be harvested. Hunting is a humane method of harvesting food from the wildlife populations that are healthy & making it a fun sport with awards for trophies etc is a great thing as long as animal parts are not wasted, which is criminal behavior. Nobody can eat at McDonald’s or sizzler or even use a leather product and oppose hunting, without hypocrisy!

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