26 thoughts on “Imagine A World Run By Psychopaths”

  1. Isn’t this the absolute Truth!!! We are living in a murderous insane asylum where the animals endure a constant hell at the hand of ‘humanity’….

  2. Is so scary to watch what has unfold in our planet, this has become a animal Holocaust, this people don’t have a heart or a conscious. I look at life in a very positive way, however, when I see this photos and what is going on in other countries it makes me sick. One of this days Africa will not have a wild life for these imbeciles to hunt, so what, they will go after then, children , old people or women? Wake up and smell the roses while the roses are there to smell because we need change now!!!! Have respect and compassion for the only home you know…..Our Planet!!!!

  3. I don’t believe in murder but sometimes I wish someone would end these guys sick existence. As a Christian though I don’t believe in murder. I hope they have a hunting accident.

  4. Wow, really? Imagine what this website could be if it wasn’t run by psychopaths. Animal cruelty is disgusting and I wish we could send abusers to prison as if they committed these crimes on a human child…but hunting wild game? Don’t get me wrong. In this country there is the very rare unethical poacher that I’d like to string up by the testicles as much as you do, but most hunters are ethical and they are a very important part to maintaining wild animals in the US. I am a hunter and animal lover…most hunters are animal lovers. I hunt to put organic, healthy meat in my freezer for my family and to help conserve wild game herds (where do you think all the money comes from for wildlife conservation in the US?). I guess I could go buy organic beef but believe it or not, a cow has to die (and sometimes not in a humane way) to provide that burger or rack of ribs. Predator hunting is also a very important part in maintaining wild animal herds. I have a feeling these comments mean nothing to you sickos. If you’ve made it this far in life without trying to understand the facts, why would you start now? Judging by the lack of comments on this page, I’m assuming you screen the heck out of them to make sure no one appears to be against your cause. Guess what…anyone with even a little common sense can see through your BS. Animal cruelty is very wrong. Poachers are bad. I totally agree that these folks ARE psychopaths and deserve some prison time, if not a severe beating. Wild game and predator hunters though, are sometimes the only reason why certain animals haven’t been poached to extinction. As for trophy hunting? Harvesting a large male of any hunt-able species is the goal of many hunters. When a “trophy” as you call it is harvested, this reduces the herd population by 1. The females still get bred because there is another male in the herd that is ready and willing. Fish and Game departments issue a number of hunting tags, determined by assuming a success rate that would maintain the population (unless of course the goal is to increase or decrease the population of a certain herd to increase overall herd health). Would you rather the females be killed? I guess it wouldn’t be “trophy hunting” then. In most states, the Fish and Game department will survey game populations annually and adjust tag allotments accordingly. It’s quite simple really. If the herd numbers are below the objective, less (or no) tags are allowed for a particular area. If the herds are above what is considered a healthy herd, more tags are allowed. Anyway, I’ll stop now. Here I was, just googling up some hunting regulations and stumbled upon this mis-guided website. Feel free to delete this message as I’m sure you profit by keeping your followers in the dark on the reality of hunting.

    1. It would be great if you had the courage to put your name on your comment. I guess it’s easy to be brave when facing a defenceless animal with a weapon. It is sad that beyond the advantage of having a weapon, most hunters are so cowardly they don’t even have the guts to call a spade a spade, and would rather wrongly use the word ‘harvest’ instead of ‘kill’ as if an animal were a vegetable rather than a living and feeling being.

      1. Dear Mr. or Ms. “Reality”. Why would it be so “great” if I put my real name on my comment? Is that a threat? Do you want to track me down and teach me a lesson? I would never give my real name to a psychopath out of protection for my family. Is that cowardly? Maybe. But I wouldn’t leave my real name on some pro-hunting website for the same reason. You never know what psycho might read your writings and decide to cause harm to you or your family. I see you live by the same principle, Mr. or Ms. Reality. It’s just smart. I’m fairly sure nothing bad would happen but why take the unnecessary risk? And yes, “killing” an animal is what hunters do. If you’ve ever been to a grocery store or restaurant, some “killing” also happened to provide every piece of meat that you see. So sorry to confuse you but I thought “harvesting” would be a better word choice, since I cut and package every piece of edible meat for consumption…kind of like my vegetable garden. The only real difference is the first frost kills my tomato plants.

      2. The psychopaths are not the people that want to protect the animals from being killed. The psychopaths are those who enjoy killing defenceless animals.It is only possible to write under one name on a WordPress account, and Truth in Reality is the name of my first blog. Also the two obvious links to my Facebook page from the Home page of this site – that is the one on the top right and one in the sidebar – show that I am by no means anonymous.

    2. Killing by necessity is one thing but killing for fun is quite another. The studies on ppl that have later turned into very sick, violent individuals shows that it often starts at killing animals for fun. I get ur point that after killing a ‘head’ male that there is a younger willing replacement but have you stopped to consider the implications of this? Younger males who have not yet learnt the rules of respect and life are taking over a job they have not grown into and earned, a job they are not ready for but have been given through interferance, would u leave an adolescent be head of ur house hold?! There’s a lot to be learnt from elders before the young can take over responsibly!! Obviously, I’m not a hunter and it troubles me to see a child taking so much pleasure from the killing of anything but, hey, I was bought up on ‘bambi’ not ‘chucky’!!
      I guess each to their own and as long as it’s not harming anyone, oh, hang on, hunting does though doesn’t it, it removes a life and a soul from this world for no valid reason. I guess I’ll just never understand abuse of the innocent!

      1. Very valid argument. I believe the government should step in and provide funding for adequately training wild animals just in case their mommy and daddy dies during their childhood. We wouldn’t want the uneducated and unqualified running the entire population. This would be devastating (see USA 2008 to present). Are you serious?! Every hunting season that I’m aware of runs at a time when youngsters are able to survive on their own. I hate to break it to you but the movie Bambi is NOT REAL. I’m pretty sure Chucky isn’t either! You should never look to Hollywood for advice on anything related to real life…especially when it comes to wild animals. Pick up a book on animal behavior and turn off the TV. So would you feel better if I stopped hunting and just bought meat at the store to feed my family? Where do you think that meat comes from? How many defenseless animals do think McDonalds or Walmart kills every year? Is this more acceptable to you crazies? Even the local organic store sells beef and pork that I’m pretty sure didn’t die of natural causes. I’d rather humanely kill one or two animals per year to provide for my family of 4 for the entire year. If you think that’s psychotic, I can’t help you.

      2. If you are genuinely providing for yourself and your family as there is no other way that is somewhat different than trophy hunting. There is a big difference between making a hobby out of killing animals and killing out of necessity. People say there is no need for anyone to hunt these days and I would agree with that. It’s a cruel thing to do. Yes, factory farms are cruel too but they can – and must – be monitored whereas sadists with firearms, bows and arrows, traps and dogs cannot easily be regulated. What is more it is very clear that many so-called hunters – some say a more apt term is ‘killers’ – kill very much more than they could ever actually eat and kill for reasons other than food.

      3. So what ur saying then is, these people have freezers filled with lions, elephants, giraffes and wolves that they feed their family’s off through the year, hmm tasty, so tell me, what relish comes with that? A good dollop of bull….?! Back to my point though, someone providing for their family is on a quite different level to someone paying to bring home a trophy! Ooh and just to clarify, I don’t believe everything I see on tv, come on, have you seen the news lately?! Got more relish than one of them burgers I was talkin bout earlier!! 😉

    3. You cannot talk to these idiots .they are just aS stupid if not more than the type of person they are ragging on and their orginizAtion will go no where.

  5. Haha, am back again, that was such a long comment it was hard to remember all the points! Guess I should eat some elephant burgers huh? They might help my memory!! Anyway, when I was talking about animals moving up the ranks before they’re ready, I should have specified I was referring in particularly to elephants. It’s not a matter of not been able to feed themselves as mommy n daddy are hangin on someone’s wall (or in their freezer it appears) as they are more than capable to survive but it’s more than food you get from your parent/elders. Knowledge of food sources, journeys, how to interact with their world in a way that’s worked for generations, it’s all as vital, and I very much doubt the government would be interested in getting involved in resolving the situation. Not unless big game started miraculously started producing oil!!

    1. Yes, you should have specified elephants. I know very little about elephants so I won’t pretend that I do. I don’t hunt them or have any real desire to go to Africa to hunt them or anything else. If they are endangered, maybe we should start hunting the local Africans. From the little bit I’ve read on the subject, it sounds like it’s the a-hole locals that are gunning them down with AK47s just to get the ivory. Trophy hunting has nothing to do with their current predicament. In fact, more trophy hunting in these areas would probably have a positive effect on the overall numbers elephants. When locals get paid by the rich foreign trophy hunter, they suddenly start self-policing. Have you ever watched an African hunting show? Rich guy shoots beast, shakes hands with the guide, then a pile of locals come out and butcher the beast. Something like an elephant would feed a starving village for days or weeks. Like I said, I’ve never been there but I can guarantee it is nothing like the US of A where I live. The days of hunting things to extinction here is long over. People no longer allow it…especially hunters. State game agencies ensure healthy herds of everything. I put in for the following game tags in my home state of Montana: moose, goat, sheep, deer, elk, pronghorn, bison, and mountain lion. I have killed one innocent bear and a handful of defenseless pronghorn. I hunt deer every year, usually without success. Other than that, in 20 years I have NEVER even drawn any of the other tags listed above! Why? Because the state fish & game (which is almost completely funded by hunters) keeps tag quotas at a level that ensures wildlife populations stay at or above the objective. Hunters demand that type of management! It must be the right thing to do because there is wildlife everywhere in this state. The brakes on my car get a serious workout trying to avoid all the awesome wildlife. I love it. Hunters kill a few thousand deer every year, but somehow there are more deer the next year. I guess you could release more wolves to knock down the population, but doesn’t everybody like to see an abundance of wildlife? I’m blabbing here…. I guess my point is, you are way off…but maybe you’re not for Africa? You can’t lump everyone with a gun into the same group as some poaching d-bags in Africa. Hey, I heard about this one teacher than slept with her students. Let’s end teacher’s now! Do you understand how stupid this sounds? There are many ways to manage wildlife. Hunting is one of the most effective. Trophy hunting is even better because it fills more freezer space and doesn’t damage the overall population by not shooting the youngsters and the breeders. Okay, I’m done. I’ve never argued with the anti-hunting crowd before. It’s been fun and interesting to see how the “other side” thinks. I’m sure you’re a good person and your heart is in the right place. I hope you feel the same and have realized that maybe just one of us is not a psychopath. 🙂

      1. Maybe not a psychopath, but certainly a prime bullshitter – as indeed so many hunters are!

  6. Such sickening acts on behalf of idiot humans!! Just as we have the right of life so do they!! Respect all living things you selfish shits even killing baby wolves.Disgusting!!

  7. Mi auguro che le autorità competenti Facciano qualcosa, ha fatti non parole!
    È disgustoso che venga permesso questo e poi parlano di salvaguardia e tutela ambientale!
    Camilla from Italy

  8. And we are superior to all lives in earth????Why is it humans HAVE to kill the beautiful animals????I’m ashamed of mankind. I’d love to hunt them down!!!SHAME Shame

  9. Absolutely disgusting beyond comprehension. Killing a pregnant wolf? Fun?Omg this world is screwed.These people are sooooo sick


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