The Broward County No Kill Massacre

In the last few weeks, people all over the world have put pen to paper about Broward County animal shelter in Florida, USA. Why build a new shelter that costs $15 million and doesn’t house any more animals than the last shelter? The sum of $15 million spent on what is in effect a glorified slaughterhouse – no doubt with luxurious staff quarters – would have been far better spent on actually saving lives by helping with rehoming and associated projects, such as TNR and high-volume free or low cost sterilization programs.

The writer of this article is English and resides in England, but has been following some goings-on at Broward Animal Care and has decided the situation is more than worthy of a few words on their blog site. This information is quite shocking in itself yet in a way it is just another example of the massive number of incidences of sickening corruption going on in the American shelter system today. The failure of the US government to institute bodies to properly oversee what is happening in their shelter system, is paid for by the homeless pets of the USA, with suffering and often with their lives.

Animals cannot tell anyone what happened to them especially when they are dead, and people aren’t telling either because they are scared for their jobs, their reputation, banishment from the shelter, attacks from friends and relatives of those who stand accused, and afraid even for the very lives of the animals in retaliation. Anyway, who would they tell? It’s becoming more and more obvious that some areas of US Government do not care too much about what is happening to homeless pets. If the public knew what was really going on at these shelters, which some call slaughterhouses – and to all intents and purposes that is in effect what many of them are – there would be a demand for change.

After all, a shelter is a place where animals are sheltered and there is Animal ‘Care’ & Control to oversee what is happening at those shelters – so it must be OK. People are waking up to the reality that the trust placed in their government which assumes that government will do the right thing, is a misplaced trust. People are increasingly realizing how homeless pets – sometimes feral, lost or stolen – who need help are being betrayed, not only by their owners and local communities who do not do enough to care for them – even with a simple TNR program – but also by local governments who do not provide the means by which shelters can be monitored and remedial steps taken when things are so obviously going terribly wrong.

To make matters worse, sadly there are ‘serial trappers’ who are usually people who do not like cats and have nothing better to do than to trap them, whether they are feral cats, strays or someone’s beloved pet – which is often impossible to distinguish – and hand them in to the local kill shelter. Their names and addresses are usually known by the shelters and yet still they accept any number of animals brought in by the serial trappers – ‘no questions asked’ and do little or nothing to deter them.

Not to mention, frequent euthanization by ‘mistake’ when rescue has been arranged and is on its way, or due to space available or a sudden convenient health condition that justified killing them. This is so common it leads one to believe that there is some method in their madness.

Awareness is increasing, on the fact that animals often have little in the way of laws and sufficiently deterrent sentences to protect them.  Wouldn’t it be something if the unjustified killing of a poor animal in a shelter were to be criminally or even civilly prosecuted? Even if the community is paying attention, behind closed doors often there is no one to hear them scream.


What was their crime?

A shockingly large proportion of animals at shelters were abandoned and dumped there by their owners when they are too old or sick, or when a relative is sick in the hospital or has died. Perhaps paying vets fees might cause the cutting back of a family holiday that year or whatever.

Adequate veterinary care is simply not available in a large percentage of shelters. Animals who have been dumped at the shelter because they were feral cats and have been injured in a road accident or their owners don’t want to pay vet bills can be very sick or badly injured and just left there to suffer their stray hold, only to be killed, sometimes with quite treatable injuries.

Then there are the many animals who come out of shelters sick with URIs, UTIs, kennel cough, flu and frequently with dangerous viruses. Shelters are often unsanitary and germs breed and thrive in such conditions as these poor creatures are forced to live in. In many shelters it is standard practice to hose the kennels down as an easy way of cleaning – whatever the time of year – and it is a lot easier to hose the cages and cells down while the animals are in there rather than take them out so that is the way it often happens. Naturally when animals are hosed down and left wet in cold stone or steel cages often with one wall made of bars and exposed to the elements that is a recipe for them to get sick.

Another thing frequently seen in the shelter pictures is the cramped conditions in the cages which are far too small and often the food bowl is kept right next to the litter tray which of course is another reason animals so often get very sick in shelters. The stress alone is enough to make some animals very ill or even kill them.

Rescue groups are severely limited as to how many lives they can save due to the likelihood of incurring medical costs – which can and often do run into many hundreds of dollars – to treat illnesses caused by unsanitary conditions, viruses, and stress related conditions etc.- and rescues could save many more lives if this alone were addressed properly.

Animals are very often not killed humanely. For example, at shelters where they use the heartstick method of euthanasia, it is not unusual for animals not to be given anesthesia before they are painfully killed by this method which is known to be inhumane and painful.

There is a constant stream of chilling news reports often with pictures of animals that suffered and died in horrible ways in shelters. Like the dead pit bull in the horrific blood-splattered cell at Hesperia in California recently.

Many animals are dumped simply because at one or two years old they are no longer a kitten or puppy anymore, and no longer so interesting. Often the shelter photograph shows the unmistakable look of bewilderment and betrayal on their faces.

Against this backdrop – here’s the story

There is an alarming situation in Broward County concerning the municipal animal shelter. Three years ago the Board of County Commissioners resolved the following:

“Broward County will develop and implement a financially feasible No Kill Strategic Plan with goals and measurable objectives to include the following programs and services utilized in successful No Kill Communities across the nation, with the goal to become a No Kill Community.”

Since that time, more than 27,000 animals have been euthanized in the county shelter. Staff resist change, and continue to kill animals at 30 days, with empty cages throughout the shelter.


Animal Care in Broward applies for and receives grants to spay/neuter community cats and yet continues to kill community cats in the shelter while spending $230,000 in TNR grant money. Although they are finally drafting legislation to get on board with the modern world and begin a Return to Field program for community cats at the shelter, their own County Parks Department is refusing to participate in the program.

The Shelter has created an overall sense of frustration and oppression throughout the resident, taxpaying, volunteer and rescue community, due to bullying tactics which include fear of an (illegal) retaliation for exercising freedom of speech about shelter practices, such as the looming threat of disqualification as an approved volunteer or rescue partner should anyone dare to disagree with their practices.

Far from Broward being a No Kill shelter, if the animals are not adopted or rescued after 30 days they will be killed. There is a very large urgent list this week, who must exit by Sunday 24th May at 3:30pm or they will be killed. These include adoptable healthy dogs. There are only around 150 dogs at the shelter, with 99 large runs and 24 small dog cages on site. Many dogs are two to a run, so the shelter is not even near full. A handful were adopted this week.


The shelter employs needless, ‘convenience killing’ of the animals in their charge – even with lower intakes and inventory than in recent years.

For example, this mother and kittens were killed for scabies, with no rescue bulletin sent out. Clearly it would have been an easy task to save them with mom on hand to care for them.

B - 4

Yet one single bottle baby with scabies was made known publicly and went to rescue  that same week though he had no mother to care for him.

B - 5

Also, Broward’s policy is that kittens under 2 pounds must go to foster until they are of age to sterilize and adopt, while at under 1 pound they can be killed in the field – without a second thought.  Current common shelter practice does not include anaesthesia for these kittens, who are injected with poison into their abdominal cavity and die slowly, since finding a vein is typically not possible.

Just a few days ago in May 2015, these kittens were handed into the shelter late in the day and it was announced that they could not be kept overnight and if they were not picked up in one hour’s time, they would be killed. Thankfully someone was able to pick them up within that hour.


Like Sawyer, the black lab on the preview of this article, who was killed for a cold, with fosters trying to reach the shelter.

Fifty killed for a cold


Then there’s Dalton, a four month old pup who had merely a broken leg. He was removed from the computer system for six days, but was supposedly still at the shelter, and was later killed even though various members of the community offered to foster and a broken leg is not considered a life–threatening injury. 


Or this poor 18 year old kitty, wearing a little bell on his collar, who arrived on 10th April 2015 and was killed on 13th April 2015, in just three days.  Protocol says five days is the standard hold time if it appears to be an owned cat (collar, microchip, etc.) but the shelter claimed he was suffering.  Funny, his condition on the intake photo says NORMAL. No rescue bulletin was posted on this poor boy who was obviously loved by someone for many years.

B - 2

B - 3

Why? With no substantive marketing of any kind on individual animals, to find adoptive homes or rescue, Animal Care relies instead on the volunteer and over-burdened rescue community as an ongoing, and ‘just in time’ resource, with a constant implied threat of so-called “euthanasia” of healthy animals. The shelter continually:

  • Kills, and threatens to kill (as a bullying marketing technique) healthy, trainable, treatable animals, with or without space at the shelter – while volunteers and the rescue community fear asking questions will lead to even less notice or information on which animals are at risk to be killed.
  • Makes ongoing, careless errors on the online/internal chameleon database concerning the animals in their care, leading to the unnecessary deaths of Broward County citizens’  lost pets, including:
    • Duplicate photos
    • Sex and/or breed errors
    • A huge lapse in on-line updating which excluded their shelter animals on the largest and most popular adoption websites used worldwide: Adopt-A-Pet and Petfinder for the month of September, 2014.

Emma killed at intake after being returned


Missy killed for space


Or Ernie, whose shyness got him killed, even with plenty of room at the shelter

B - 6


Four seniors killed





ERRORS that could cause owners to not find their pets, and lead to unnecessary death!

A cockerspaniel?


Mitzi was a MALE cat, not female and was KILLED for URI .  Mitzi’s owner never knew he was at the shelter


Cat owners heartbroken after lost pet euthanized at shelter

Duplicates – same dog or cat!








Cocker spaniel  listed as Staffy


Tennessee Treeing Brindle Hound?


Dogs killed at Broward that were healthy, trainable or treatable

Trigger had food aggression THEY SAID


Abby killed due to time/space


Returned to shelter and killed at the door


Buddy killed for space


Zeus – never even offered – never had a chance at 11 mos old


Also, the shelter Director’s life partner, Julie Carson, is the Vice-Mayor of a town in Broward County. The Vice-Mayor regularly chimes in about Animal Care on social  media,  somewhat misrepresenting herself, as merely a local community-minded Vice-Mayor – and all the while most are unaware that she is in an intimate relationship with the shelter Director.

It seems she feels the need to post negatively about advocate groups and claims those in the community pushing for No Kill funding and initiatives are uneducated on the subject, while never disclosing her conflict of interest, and the Commissioners have publicly thanked her for her remarks.  Which certainly leaves us to wonder:  If anyone in the public realm knew, wouldn’t someone immediately chime in with:  “Hey, aren’t you sleeping with the Director? ”

In this case, Commissioner Stacy Ritter speaks up only to thank her, as she touts the amazing job her life-partner is doing,while discrediting a local non-profit that is vying for real changes:


In addition, the shelter Director’s self-proclaimed personal veterinarian has been the chairman of the County Animal Care Advisory Committee for four to five years. How conveniently that works out for current management!

Not to mention that the shelter Director was promoted into her position, which was not advertised to any other candidates, even after government assessments of the shelter’s performance uncovered management as arrogant – and described numerous cases of  negligence, gross mismanagement and endangerment of public safety.

A local group has even called her hiring practices into question, which point to the defeatist mentality being cultivated at the shelter, as the new Assistant Director has no faith in No Kill or in adoption programs, and feels this is all the community’s problem:


A recent presentation to the local Commission by staff portrayed the shelter as having made wonderful progress, such as saving 25,000 animals in the last 3 years – while not mentioning that they killed over 27,000.  It was quite a ‘dog and pony show’, crafted to lead one to think they need no funds at all – which apparently the Commission chooses to believe even in the midst of strong criticism throughout the community.

And this is only the corruption we KNOW about!

Adding to the confusion, somehow they have approved government spending of  $15 million on a new shelter building, which has no real bearing on saving animals – especially when it holds no more than the currently shelter facility.  This brought dozens of protestors to its recent groundbreaking ceremony, who want it known that a new building does not save lives – funding of life saving programs and experienced shelter management does!

Broward protest 01 Broward protest 02Broward protest 04 Broward protest 05 Broward protest 06


Photos posted received hundreds of comments on social media, including remarks from the Commissioners themselves defending their weak arguments on how they are working on the problem, yet never a dime to no kill programs is confirmed:

Shortly after the protest, the shelter sent an email out about a star dog from the ceremony who needed adoption or rescue which referred to the WRONG DOG. Not sure how these two dogs could be mistaken for one another visually, let alone that one is a male and the other is a female.  It could have been a simple oversight, but with lives at stake in this animal-prison, such mistakes could mean the end of the world for a helpless animal:

Screen Shot 007

This sparked a publicized letter to the local Commissioners, which also appears to have fallen on deaf ears, with no reply or even an acknowledgement known.

Since the resolution to go No Kill in April 2012, under the current  ‘questionable’ management, Broward County Animal Care & Adoption has:

  • Not developed a No Kill Strategic Plan. The Commission’s directive to develop and implement a No Kill Strategic Plan has been ignored. When asked publicly about the plan, staff states they are working on the some no kill programs already but there is no actual written plan. Until now, no goals or measurable objectives by which to measure their performance are known or made public. As they spew minor improvements, nothing is measured against any set performance goals by which to hold staff accountable;
  • killed over 27,000 Animals; and
  • approved construction on a $15 million new building, with ZERO funding for No Kill initiatives.

Although, the County did find funding recently for $4 million in new courthouse furniture on which to rest their pompous  asses, which the shelter Director’s life partner again made excuses for on social media.


We hope that very soon, the Board of Commissioners will have to take action to resolve these matters. Criticism is coming from every direction, now even abroad. We further hope it to be impossible to dismiss the advocates, volunteers, rescues, the community, the voters, the press and now that news of this issue has spread abroad: the animal loving world.

We look forward to following up on this situation, to see those at fault held accountable for their lack of heart, false promises and even what some would call fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the shelter and the County Commissioners.

To date, the public outcry continues, as does media coverage.

Broward County animal care and adoption violates its own No Kill doctrine 

Protest over No Kill policy planned at groundbreaking of Broward shelter

Broward officials break ground on new animal shelter

Shelters only part of the solution to pet overpopulation  

Animal officer fired because she couldn’t kill healthy animals

Article with link to bad report from National Animal Control Association

Broward slammed for mismanagement and details of gross negligence


Update: 31st July 2015

The Broward Shelter Director’s life-partner is again speaking while not identifying her role in this saga….stating that we should be ‘thanking’ the commissioners for allowing adoptions since they are not ‘required’ to provide them – and further, almost threatening, that we should support them if we want adoptions to continue!

Funny – the website clearly states their mission: The mission of Animal Care and ADOPTION Division is to provide shelter for lost and surrendered animals and promote successful adoptions that enhance the lives of companion animals and their humans”.


No To Dog Meat Formal Statement

No To Dog Meat is a bona fide organisation helping dogs and cats in the Asian meat trade. Unfortunately it is plagued by a copycat scam organisation run by the infamous Jose Calos (not Carlos) Depre, alias Joseph Dimetri, whose real name is Jon Williams. Working with Michele Brown, a convicted charity scammer, SAYNOTODOGMEAT.NET operates mainly on Face book, under the umbrella of the International Animal Rescue Foundation (IARF) which has been denounced by International Animal Rescue as a copycat charity scam organisation.

A list of names of IARF affiliated sites and aliases with clickable links

A post on IARF’s recent false claims about buying a shelter in Vietnam

Please help by sharing this reblog or No To Dog Meat’s original post

The main site exposing International Animal Rescue Foundation is here and includes a voice recording of Dr Joseph Dimetri alias Dr Jose Calos Depre real name Jon Williamson

27 Apr 2015: No To Dog Meat Formal Statement and Notice

We are all well aware that there seem to be skeptics of the actions and work we do. Due to the factitious group of dubious individuals who saw fit to steal from us in 2013 and concoct a page of their own called SAYNOTODOGMEAT.NET while laying siege to our charity, with the help of others. Not once have we said anything before of this issue in our blog or on our pages. Yet we will admit that we had given our full story to blog writers who issued warnings throughout 2013 to 2015 of this concern.

Since then, we have continued on with our work. Until now, we did not feel it necessary to address these frivolous individuals. Until now, we did not feel it necessary to watermark our photo’s either. With regret, we will now be watermarking all of our photos and videos, so those who stole from us, Sophie and her colleague can no longer claim we were not there as well to prevent them from stealing our work…

Right now – with sad heart we have to announce that the 800 cats rescued by our team and the Chinese activists less than 24 hours ago we have all worked on the rescue ONLY for the police to impound them. Yes, they are still impounded and the police have taken this decision for release to the Ministry of Agriculture and will not release the little ones. We are all fighting to get documentation to prove that these are family companions. Even so, if they are also feral they too deserve a chance to have a life and live free.

Rescues do not always have a happy ending yet we will not give up on these companions. Dozens have died in the process of negotiations – Sophie came forward and stated:

“I held babies being born falling from the crates and we unloaded them. Mothers still trapped inside. We had no milk or warmth to give these babies. Hell on earth please pray.”

The cats are still in these crates, still trapped, cramped and suffering. They will not let our team or the activists near them anymore.

We are asking for action to be taken: If you have international dialling please help! Call the station and push for the cats release, Call them on + 86 512 6540 5143 if that doesn’t work from UK OR USA TRY 0086. We are also asking that you contact the consulates – contact all of the consulates – and ask them to intervene. Send them photos and tell them the police are waiting for diplomats and officials to ask for the cat’s release. Our charity has sent in an official correspondence.

Contact information can be found here

Also please send your news story on this issue to Associated Press and other media contacts. It does not matter if it is our photos with a caption. The more people who write the better. It is heart-breaking that our team and Chinese Activists have all worked on the rescue for the police to impound the trucks.

Send also, to all the Chinese papers in this link

Your voices matter in this delicate situation. All we ask is that you keep everything civil.


Our amazing team member Sophie and her colleague Mary H have spent the entire week in China on an outreach programme. This trip was personally funded by them, which meant ALL your kind donations have been spent assisting shelters and activists whom Sophie and our CEO knew and trusted. We did not set out to be rescuers on this occasion as normally our charity is placed to help rescues and grassroots organisations with more experience locally.

However, for three nights straight the girls have been involved with the raid to save the cats, the police negotiations and the follow up. They have had no sleep and given all they can to save even some of the poor creatures and we will not give up!

We were horrified, just a few hours ago to see the fraudsters and cyber trolls from the copycat page SAY NO TO DOG MEAT DOT NET (a copy of all our genuine pages and domains) had stolen Sophie’s private photos and had been abusing her and our charity (*again) on its pages.

The male is mentally unstable and has known history of stalking personal pages and females from animal rights organisations and their children. The woman (who also has alias names) from this page is a known charity thief who in the past has staged fake rescues.

We will be taking legal action against this latest round of malicious communications and data theft. The harm indirectly caused to the animals through the deceptions carried out by this organisation constitutes further abuse. Sophie does not deserve this kind of abuse and nor does our team.

The male with at least six fake identities has boasted he is happy to go to court and has plenty of money to do so. We invite him therefore to present himself at our registered office this Tuesday 29th April at 2.30 pm when he can explain his case and will be received by the appropriate authorities. Our registered charity address is 17 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PH UK. Our telephone number is 0207 873 2250 . He is welcome to bring his lawyer or whoever he wants to pretend his lawyer is when he travels down from his council flat in Norwich. We hope when he does show up he can return the merchandise and funds that the female stole from donors in 2013 and return the data from our Facebook pages he stole on the same date.

Perhaps after this explanation of his actions of sabotage and abuse to the appropriate authorities we can all be left in peace to continue our genuine work and our campaign. Anyone else running a trolling or hate campaign is welcome to join him instead of hiding behind their computers.

It takes courage to go on a rescue and face the horror and trauma. These individuals sadly would not understand this concept.

NoToDogMeat is the global campaign of the UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.

NoToDogMeat videos can be seen here


Kangaroos – The largest land-based commercial slaughter in the world

Moratorium urgently needed as kangaroos head towards extinction

After investigating the state government data pertaining to kangaroo densities across the Kangaroo Management Zones, it has been found that kangaroos are now ‘quasi extinct’ across most of NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

‘Quasi extinction’ refers to population densities of less than five kangaroos per square kilometre and has been defined by the Murray Darling Report as ‘the nominal value of kangaroo densities taken to be the effective loss of the species’.

Please sign these petitions

Stop the unlawful violent killing of protected native kangaroos

Stop Australia’s wildlife slaughter

Save the kangaroos

Stop the unlawful violent killing of protected native kangaroos

Demand an end to the barbaric slaughter of kangaroos for meat

Stop eating kangaroo meat in Australia

Stop cruel kangaroo massacre by pet food company Purina

Stop the slaughter of kangaroos in Canberra

End the cruel slaughter of kangaroos on public reserves

Stop proposed cull of kangaroos at Majura

Stop kangaroo meatworks

Stop kangaroo killings

Adidas stop using kangaroo leather

Stop the slaughter of kangaroos to make soccer shoes

Help save the kangaroos from being killed for Chinese meat market

Stop turning 500,000 hectares of Australia’s woodland into farmland

A Letter from an Ex- Kangaroo Shooter


I was a professional kangaroo shooter 38 years ago. Now I spend an inordinate amount of time in the defence of animals that are doing poorly at the hands of humans.

You may ask as to what has led me to do a complete turnabout in my thinking, and expect some profound answer explaining that at such and such a moment in time the sky opened up and all of a sudden I saw the light. Sorry to disappoint, but it did not happen this way.

If there is any profundity in my “conversion”, it is that I have come to the realization that we are all led down differing paths in life by our genetic make-up and the circumstance that we find ourselves in.

In my case, 38 years ago, the whole social, political and animal concern scene was vastly different to today’s. There was a predominate attitude of human matters being at the fore of thought and a mish-mash of ideas when dealing with the other animals on the planet.

On the one hand, personal pets were gaining in the welfare stakes, as were wild creatures that had “fluffy” appeal. On the other, domestic stock conditions were degrading rapidly into the factory farm situation that is still rampant to now. This some decades of time saw European cities and other population centres around the Western World explode into greater awareness of the suffering of our “food”.

Unfortunately, socio/economic pressures, had rural climes, to a large extent, excluded from this expansion of a new way in thinking about the rest of nature. In this distant past, the kangaroo was erroneously thought of as a pest that was diminishing the financial returns of those who depended on their income in outback areas.

This excuse was reasoning enough for kangaroos to be killed without compassion, for they were the enemy. Even so, I, and I would suggest, many other kangaroo shooters, were and are, very uneasy with the practice of having to kill Joey’s on a never ending basis. It was not understood then, that the Joey-at-foot would also die in a state of terror by psychological deprivation, predation or starvation.

Many kangaroo shooters now convince themselves that this joey escapes and lives happily ever after. Delusions of this sort are not uncommon in the industry and in governments and their acting agents. Self-delusion played a big part in my experience as a kangaroo shooter but let me state here in the most unequivocal manner that is possible, to be able to self deceive is part and parcel of being human.

There will be those that read this in a most judgmental way, comforting themselves with the thought that they could never had done such a thing as kangaroo shooting. Be very careful of that kind of thinking because it does not accord with the facts about the capacity of humanity to be inhumane to people and animals, given the right set of circumstance.

Be very careful that you are not self-deluding yourself on this point, for if you are, you are just the person who could be a kangaroo shooter if the situation dictated it so. I do come across this kind of condemnation but it so insignificant when compared to the mental anguish I put myself through on a daily basis as to be non-existent. This will be carried till the day I die.

Thoughts of the terrible woundings and as stated, the slaughter of the innocents and now with greater knowledge, thoughts of the at-foot-Joey’s left to fend for themselves in their thousands. Thoughts of taking the lives of countless numbers of kangaroos for convenient reasons. Thoughts of being a part of the juggernaut that was and is altering the genetic make up of a marvellous animal. Thoughts of my part in vilifying the kangaroo with the end result of it not having the awed respect, as it should, of the Australian people. Every time there is a wanton act of cruelty to kangaroos, I must bear some of the blame.

I stopped being a kangaroo shooter for many reason, with the cruelty only one of the many. The kangaroo is not a pest and it is only the greedy and the foolhardy who believe it is a resource to be used at whim. Australia must re-define its stubbornly inadequate definition of what is compassion and in doing so reap the rewards of not only doing the right thing, but the very tangible benefits of the eco-tourist dollar.

No doubt, other kangaroo shooters will read this, so it seems appropriate to leave a message for them. If you can see past the self-delusion of what you are doing to other sentient and suffering capable creatures, for the sake of your future mind, do not wait for kangaroo shooting to be discarded as a remnant of our brutish past, as it will, but choose to get out now. The rest of your life will thank you for this very wise action. This I guarantee.

David Nicholls

Population figures

National Codes of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos

Message to Iceland to say no to kangaroo meat

Mother’s Day Disgrace

For details of an international campaign against this trade contact
Viva! 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD, UK
Tel. +44-(0)1273 777688 Fax +44-(0)1273 776755

How you can help [VIVA]
If you see kangaroo meat being sold in a shop or restaurant, please complain to them and also report it to VIVA at their website

Write letters to the Prime Minister of Australia, the Minister for Agriculture, the Minister for the Environment.

Post comments and links to articles on the internet on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

  • Don’t eat or buy kangaroo meat for yourself, your family or your pets.
  • Print this flyer and put it on noticeboards, share with friends.
  • Boycott any restaurants who sell kangaroo meat and be sure to tell them why.
  • Share petitions and other info with your friends, far and wide.
  • Watch Youtube slide show at
  • Join a kangaroo organisation (see Links below).
  • Write to the following people in N.P.W.S. and tell them what you think of the Kangaroo Industry:

Lisa Corbyn NSW

Sally Barnes NSW is directly under Lisa Corbyn

Mark Peacock Western Division Director

Joshua Gilroy

Nicole Payne

Michael Archer Instigator of the fatal FATE program which allows shooters to go onto private property to shoot kangaroos and give the farmers a portion of the profit.

Do you think eating kangaroo meat is good for you? Think again!

Kangaroo meat fails basic hygiene tests

The following is from the website of the Australian Kangaroo Society

YOU can HELP SAVE thousands of kangaroos and their joeys. Here is a list of immediate actions you can take to help save the lives of thousands of joeys from a cruel death….

Refuse to buy products made from kangaroo meat or skins, or from companies who sell them. Please see list of pet food and footwear companies who do/don’t use kangaroo products below.

Shoe companies who use kangaroo skins
Adidas, Gideon, Hi-Tec, Nike.

Shoe companies who didn’t deny the use of kangaroo skins
Puma, Reebok, Diadora, Converse.

Shoe companies who don’t use kangaroo skins
Dunlop, Kswiss, ASICS, Brooks, Saucery, Rivers, Fila, Diana Ferrari.

Hall of shame petfood companies
Please do not purchase pet food from any company that sells kangaroo meat. If you have time write to them and tell them why you are not buying their products.

Pet Food companies who DON’T use kangaroo products
[Please note this list is ever changing – always check labels.]
Fancy Feast
Four Legs
Lucky Dog
My Dog
Optimum Advantage
Snappy Tom

Spread the word
Refer this website to your friends so that they can learn the truth and take action too!

Become a member
Become a member of the Australian Society for Kangaroos and help us in our work to save millions of kangaroos and their joeys. Go to the JOIN US page for details.

Make a donation to the Save a Joey campaign so that the Australian Society Kangaroos can continue its work to save millions of kangaroos and their joeys from a cruel and unnecessary death. Go to the DONATE page for details.

Write to the Prime Minister and your local state Minister and tell them that you oppose the killing of kangaroos and their joeys for profit. Please see contact details below.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Federal Minister for Environment- Greg Hunt

Australian State and Territory Greens

NSW Minister Environment & Climate Change, The Hon Robyn Parker MP Tel: (02) 9995 5000

SA Minister Environment & Conservation Hon Ian Hunter MLC Tel: 08 8204 1910

WA Minister Environment- Hon Albert Jacob

QLD Minister for Natural Resources & Mining, Hon Andrew Powell MP
Tel: 13 74 68

Tasmanian Minister for Environment Parks and Heritage
The Hon Brian Wightman MHA Tel: 1300 368 550

[Victoria, NT and the ACT do not currently allow the commercial slaughter of kangaroos.]

Misc - Kangaroo stats Misc - Kangaroos 1 Misc - Kangaroos 2


Can Australia save the dingo which is now close to extinction

Koala’s cry at timber’s threat – koalas are also killed en masse

Kangaroos at risk as threatened species

Animal Protection Institute on kangaroos


Kangaroos on track to extinction

Roo meat still contaminated

Hunting is Not Conservation

Don’f believe the lies. When you see a trophy hunter claim “hunting is conservation”, post one or more of these pins or links.

Trophy hunters - Conservation hunting because we can

Trophy hunters - Conservation Newspeak USE 1

Trophy hunters - Conservation hunting is



Message - Bullshit meters USE

Trophy hunters - Definition conservation

Trophy hunters - History is the best predictor

Trophy hunters - Extinction hunted to No. 1 The Great Auk

Trophy hunters - Extinction hunted to No. 2 The Hartbeest

Trophy hunters - Extinction animals hunted to No. 3 Caspian Tiger

Trophy hunters - Extinction Passenger Pigeon

Trophy hunters - Trophy and animals know the difference

Trophy hunters - Conservation leaving hunters to

Trophy hunters - Conservation only psychos believe

Trophy hunters - Economy we would rather have the wildlife

Trophy hunters - Stats

Trophy hunters - Economy USA

Trophy hunters - Economic benefits

Message - Extinction is forever

Message - Extinction take sides, last call, fight against

Message - Extinction rhino

Trophy hunters - Conservation why hunters kill rare animals

Untitled design (14)

Trophy hunters - Conservation hunters to Jewish welfare

Trophy hunters - Conservation trophy hunters pests

Over half the world’s wildlife has been wiped out in the past 40 years

Global decline of large herbivores may lead to an empty landscape scientists say

Extinction of your favorite animal more real than you realize

How trophy hunting destroys conservation

20,000 species are near extinction is it time to rethink

60 percent of the world’s largest herbivores facing extinction

Decline of top predators is a threat to ecosystems scientists warn

Top carnivores help shape every aspect of their environments

More than three-quarters of large carnivores now in decline

Here’s every single animal that became extinct in the last 100 years

13 species we might have to say goodbye to in 2015

13 animals hunted to extinction

15 endangered species that are still on the menu

Endangered species in UK decline by 60 per cent in 40 years

List of most recent extinctions

What we have lost species extinction timeline

Tiny fish on the brink of extinction and the ramifications are huge

How the Western Black Rhino Went Extinct

Study finds hunters depleting lion and cougar populations

USFWS declares Eastern cougar extinct

Killing coyotes wrong when other measures work

The silencing of the wolves despite the howling of humans

Red wolves could be declared exinct in NC

Elephants attack as humans turn up the pressure

First class article on the Taiji dolphin killings in Denmark

Resurrecting the extinct frog with a stomach for a womb

Common justifications for eating animals hunting

Debunking the myths – hunting is not conservation

Five reasons trophy hunting is not conservation

Why does this famous conservationist keep shooting

Message - Engandered species 1Message - Engandered species 2

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