Hunting is Not Conservation

Trophy hunters - Conservation hunting because we can

Trophy hunters - Conservation Newspeak USE 1

Trophy hunters - Conservation hunting is



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Trophy hunters - Definition conservation

Trophy hunters - History is the best predictor

Trophy hunters - Extinction hunted to No. 1 The Great Auk

Trophy hunters - Extinction hunted to No. 2 The Hartbeest

Trophy hunters - Extinction animals hunted to No. 3 Caspian Tiger

Trophy hunters - Extinction Passenger Pigeon

Trophy hunters - Trophy and animals know the difference

Trophy hunters - Conservation leaving hunters to

Trophy hunters - Conservation only psychos believe

Trophy hunters - Stats

Trophy hunters - Economy and who reallly pays

Trophy hunters - Economy comparisons with eco-tourism

Trophy hunters - Economic benefits

Message - Extinction is forever

Message - Extinction take sides, last call, fight against

Message - Extinction rhino

Trophy hunters - Conservation why hunters kill rare animals

Trophy hunters - Conservation hunters to Jewish welfare

Trophy hunters - Conservation trophy hunters pests

Don’t believe the lies. When you see a trophy hunter claim that hunting is conservation, post one or more of these pins.

13 species we might have to say goodbye to in 2015

Be amazed at hunters discussing feral animals and extinction, talking about deer as if they were rabid DINOSAURS here

The Truth about Free Range

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Trophy hunters - Chicken

As if this wasn’t bad enough, an undercover video shows chickens being thrown, kicked and slammed into transport cages by workers at a Mississippi farm.

Why factory farming is far worse than you thought

USDA to allow chickens from the US to be shipped to China


The terrible suffering behind free range chicken farming



Factory farming - Chickens and eggs

Before it's too late….


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