Dog and Cat Meat and Fur Trade

Cat trade

The Asian dog and cat meat trade is a several billion dollar industry that exists across countries including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In China 10 to 15 million dogs are eaten annually – some figures say 50,000 per day, while in South Korea, over 2.5 million are consumed each year.

While some of these countries have histories of dog eating, others only did so during times of famine, such as South Korea, which once considered eating dog shameful.

Thanks to a strong network of greedy restaurateurs, meat dealers and butchers who have convinced the public that eating dog and cat meat is healthful and ‘fashionable’, the trade is now a thriving, highly profitable industry.

Countries that rely heavily on Western tourism, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, often try to deny that the trade exists within their borders.

South Korea is more open and unapologetic about its taste for dog meat. During ‘Bokdays;, the country’s 60-day-long dog eating festival held annually July through August, approximately 15,000 dogs and several thousand cats lose their lives each day, all in the name of gastronomic pleasure and cultural superstition.

Moran Market

At Moran Market, the country’s largest live dog and cat meat market, terrified dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered in front of diners (including children) who may stand and watch, seemingly unaffected as they wait for their meals or elixirs to be ‘prepared’. Typically, tourists and non-Koreans are not allowed in this market.

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No meat industry is without cruelty, however what truly separates this meat trade from others throughout the world is the extreme level of brutality and pain that the animals suffer.

Dogs and cats are ‘tenderized’ prior to death via malicious practices including combinations of hanging, bludgeoning, stabbing, electrocuting, burning, boiling and skinning alive. Machines are especially made to help torture and skin the animals alive, and to make that easier by softening their skin often they are put into pots of boiling water.

The belief is that by stimulating as much adrenaline as possible through the animal’s body before the moment of death the meat will be more tasty and healthful.

Dog and cat trade 7

In China and South Korea, for example, a common superstition is that eating tough dog meat makes men strong and sexually potent, while soup made from cat meat provides health benefits, cures ailments and wards off bad luck. There is no scientific proof to support these claims and if anything, eating the meat of animals that are stressed, sick and near death due to rough handling, horrendous transport conditions and exposure to communicable diseases including rabies, is extremely deleterious to human health.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to eat dog meat in many of these countries, the dish continues to be popular due to weak law enforcement and the absence of enforceable companion animal welfare laws.

Depending on the country, many of the dogs that end up in the markets are raised specifically for their meat, while others are lost or stolen pets, some still wearing collars and tags as they are crammed into small wire cages – sometimes twenty five dogs in one cage – and sold to slaughterhouses by greedy traffickers. Most dog meat dealers and butchers come from a criminal element and are often members of underground gangs, which commonly operate the dog and cat meat trades in these countries.

Dog and cat trade 10

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These are animals who were either stolen pets or bred for the purpose of eating sometimes in the most appalling circumstances imaginable. The places where they are kept are filthy, cold and damp. They have no comforts whatsoever and hell, terror and death is all that there is around them and much of that is intentional.

In some cases, their food is their companions who die boiled whole in a pot. Oftentimes they are fed unpalatable food just to fatten them up for slaughter and if they refuse to eat it due to traumatization it is forced down their throats through pipes in a similar way to geese forcefed for foie gras so that sometimes they choke to death or die of suffocation.

Many may defend dog and cat eating as a country’s right to follow its ‘cultural tradition’, yet haven’t there been many cruel practices throughout history that have been banned as societies became more civilized and compassionate?

After all, slavery and human sacrifice were once considered ‘cultural traditions!’ The ‘tradition’ of eating dog and cat meat is no different.

We believe that any country that supports or turns a blind eye to such malicious cruelty – whether toward humans or animals – has no right to call itself ‘civilized’. Through the mission to spread global awareness, promote humane education and persuade governments to enact strict and enforceable animal welfare legislation, the vision of charities working to end this trade is that one day companion animals throughout the world will never again be victims of torture for the purposes of using them as food and in the fur and skin trade.

No To Dog Meat on Facebook

Please note that the organisation “Say No To Dog Meat” is run by the scam organisation “International Rescue Foundation World Action South Africa”. For further information please see the Welcome page on this site.

Skinned Alive – the Trade in Cat and Dog Fur

Imagine someone stealing your cat or dog and skinning it alive before it dies a slow, agonising death.

Yet, as hard as it is to imagine, this is the daily reality for over two million domestic animals every year in China.

Fuelled by the insatiable demands of a cruel and callous fashion industry, cats and dogs, along with 40 million other animals, are slaughtered for their fur and sold internationally.

Innocent cats and kittens are strangled and slit open while other cats watch terrified, the little kittens among them paralysed with fear trying to make themselves invisible, all awaiting the same fate.

The dogs are tethered by a wire noose, then stabbed in the groin, the lucky ones bleed to death before being skinned, those less fortunate are skinned once blood loss renders them too weak to struggle. Some desperately try to escape in a pool of blood. This method of slaughter causes least damage to the animals’ fur, thus preserving its market value.

A recent undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and investigative journalist Manfred Karreman exposed one of the dirtiest of the fur trade’s secrets. They followed the blood trail across three continents and filmed cats and dogs being beaten, strangled and stripped of their fur. They filmed the whole gruesome business from the Chinese slaughterhouses to the European auction houses.

Dog and cat trade meat and fur 12

In March 1999, BBC2’s Newsnight exposed a London fur company, Alaska Brokerage owned by Peter and Carol Bartfield, demonstrating that they were willing to trade in cat and dog fur – although the firm claims that it has no association with the extreme cruelty exposed by the HSUS and Karreman. The Newsnight programme further pointed out that the trade in cat and dog skins in Europe is legal and fur does not have to be labelled by species or even as real fur.

While many people know that all animals killed for their fur suffer terribly, few are aware of the grisly killing methods: the gassing, lethal injection, neck-breaking and anal electrocution. But the film of cats and dogs, collected as part of the HSUS and Karreman investigation, shows some of the most shocking footage ever shot.

As well as dogs being tied by the neck, stabbed in the groin and left to bleed to death, cats and kittens killed by being hung from a rope and strangled, investigators witnessed cats being hung by a wire noose while water was forced down their throats through a hose until they drowned. The film is silent, but it shows the animals’ extreme pain and distress as they struggle fully conscious and bleeding.

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“It was terrible”, recalls Karreman. “I saw a cat with her fur being ripped off its back, screaming for a whole minute. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and I can still hear her screaming. I still see their faces, the terror and pain in their eyes; and I hear their desperate cries”.

Following the HSUS exposé, America was outraged and the government acted immediately and outlawed the import, export and sale of products made with dog and cat fur. The US Dog and Cat Protection Act 2000 requires all fur products, however small, to be DNA tested. Violators are liable to six months imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. Unfortunately, most EU countries, particularly Britain, seem reluctant to stop this horrific trade. The US ban, however, means that more of these products are now likely to be imported into the EU and Britain.

Dogs are crammed into cages so small they can’t move on a two day journey with no food or water to await brutal deaths at a meat slaughterhouse or market. There are 11 countries in which dog meat is eaten and in all of them the people who do these things believe that the more intense the fear and torture experienced by the animals, the better flavour the meat will have.

Dog and cat trade 08

There is further concern that consumers may not be aware that the fur-trimmed clothing and accessories, stuffed animals and pet toys they are buying may be made from dog and cat fur. The Department of Trade and Industry has long been aware that ‘there is a legitimate trade in cat skins’ and last year, over 500 tonnes of fur, 66 tonnes classified as ‘other fur’ – the category under which cat and dog fur falls – was imported into the UK.

Dr Nick Palmer MP is the sponsor of an Early-Day Motion in the House of Commons which has the support of 224 cross-party MP and urges the government to follow the American precedent. At a recent Adjournment Debate in the House he spoke of the two million cats and dogs living and dying in appalling conditions each year in fur farms in the Philippines and China. He also noted that the British Fur Trade Association had promised not to deal in cat and dog fur, but the Newsnight report had shown a “reputable member of the fur trade who was prepared systematically to mislabel cat and dog fur imports”.

Dog and cat trade 5

Mark Glover, award-winning campaign director of Respect for Animals, said they were “extremely disappointed with the government’s indifference. The US and Italy have banned such imports and the government themselves have described it as ‘abhorrent’, yet they are incapable of taking a moral position on anything”.

Alaska Brokerage’s Peter Bartfeld, formerly a director of the British Fur Trade Association, is secretive about his involvement in the fur trade. When I managed to track him at his home, after a series of failed attempts, he finally returned my call with unconcealed hostility. “I do not trade in cats and dogs”, he shouted, stuttering with fury. “And if you got your information from the animal rights people, they’re seriously misinformed. The BBC report is a completely bogus set up.”

Bartfeld has previously claimed that the cat skins they deal in come from vets… that they were already dead when acquired. A 1987 Financial Times article reported him as saying that “all European cat skins that are used in the trade come from dead animals that have been put to sleep by vets. Vets kill animals, not fur traders”.

Dog and cat trade 09

The BBC’s 1999 investigation into Alaska Brokerage’s secret activities revealed that the company was prepared to sell cat and dog pelts to anyone who was prepared to pay. BBC investigator Martin Wilson visited Alaska Brokerage and filmed Peter Bartfeld offering 10,000 ‘goupee’ (a term for dog fur) and 150,000 cat furs. Bartfeld explained that dog is labelled ‘goupee’ and cat ‘Jeanette’ or ‘Chinese cat’, adding that this deception is necessary ‘because of the sensitive nature of the fur business’. He boasted to the reporter that ‘whatever trade is being done in Britain, I’m the one doing it’.

A Companies House search reveals Alaska Brokerage International, formerly known as Lenhart & Rosenberg Ltd, has been trading since 1967, listing Peter Bartfeld, his American wife Carol and their 25-year-old son Gideon as joint directors. A worldwide operation with offices in London and New York and associated offices in Hong Kong (Bartfeld Trading Ltd), it is now solely a family-owned business with an ex-directory phone number.

Dog farm

In China, the investigators discovered that cats and dogs were being raised on breeding farms, many small scale, but some were collected abandoned strays and some appeared to be stolen companion animals. Ironically, while long-haired cats are kept as pets in China, short-haired cats, especially ginger or grey tabbies were kept chained outside and raised for their fur.

Dog meat trade new 2

Dog meat trade new 3

The larger breeding farms, which Karreman referred to as “worse than concentration camps”, kept up to 300 animals at a time in appalling, squalid conditions. They saw dogs, mostly pups under six months old, sitting in dark, windowless and bitterly cold sheds, surrounded by the bodies of dead dogs hanging from hooks. The dogs, chained by thin metal wire, were left with no food or water while they waited to be transported to slaughterhouses.

Dog and cat meat trade 14

This was how the dogs lived out their short, grim existence before being crammed into tiny, filthy cages or sacks to make the harrowing journey to the slaughterhouse – a trip which could take up to three days while they suffered without food or water.

Dog meat trade 01

While being transported, dogs give birth and are powerless to stop the puppies falling out onto the road

Dog meat trade new 6

Dog and cat trade 6

Karreman and his team risked their lives getting inside the slaughterhouses. “These places were very difficult to find and access was even more difficult. We pretended to be suppliers and after we established trust with the dealers, we got to accompany them to the farms and the slaughterhouses. These dealers and butchers are ruthless gangsters, they would have killed us if we were discovered. I got a lot death threats afterwards and continue to get them. But for me it was worth it because otherwise these things will never stop. And some good did come out of it.

Dog meat trade new 4

Increasingly, slaughterhouses are moved to remote jungle locations

“In the Philippines, the police raided some cat slaughter-houses after we gave them the addresses. They found thousands of cats who were about to be killed, about 30,000 stolen pets, which is one of the reasons the police raided it, because they were definitely stolen pets. And in Thailand they’re coming out with new animal protection laws because of the investigation.”

Dog meat trade new 8

However it is a different story in China, a country with one of the world’s worst animal abuse record. By the time the animals reach the slaughterhouse in the city of Harbin, many are sick and some are even dead. The investigators watched a truck arrive one evening, densely packed with dogs.

Dog and cat trade 4

“We had to watch these dogs being killed without showing any emotion”, Karreman says faintly in a strained, heartfelt voice. “It was a difficult, devastating experience, crying inside while speaking calmly. After a while your soul gets eroded. But it has to be done, otherwise you can’t deal with such people”.

Dog and cat trade meat and fur 14

Designers Dolce Gabbana, who have always been big on fur, came up with a microskirt made entirely of “Chinese cat”. When groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) disclosed that this was, in fact, made from real domestic moggie, creating an uproar, D&G backtracked and claimed that it was actually ponyskin. “Well, if it’s not cat, why call it that?” says PETA’s Andrew Butler, adding, “Amazingly, they claimed that ponyskin was a euphemism for cat in Italian. When our Italian office asked for samples for DNA testing, they refused. And, of course, that one garment that was contentious has suddenly disappeared”.

Dog meat trade new 5

The fur renaissance, if you believe the hype, has started up again. “There is no fur renaissance”, says Gucci designer Stella McCartney, “It’s just the fashion industry’s sick, twisted little moment. Fur may be on the catwalk, but it’s not on the streets”. But perception is often stronger than the reality. The catwalks and fashion glossies are ablaze with animal prints and skins.

“These days nobody cool wears fur and there’s no excuse for wearing it”, says Andrew Butler: “Anyone who’s horrified that dogs and cats are kept in sickening, disgusting conditions, and that they suffer slow, brutal deaths, shouldn’t be buying fur because there’s no guarantee that the coat or the fur trim isn’t cat or dog. In fact, the likelihood is that it will be cat or dog because it’s cheaper to use”.

Dog and cat fur still being exported to the EU

SAFARUS Student Alliance for Animal Rights

Skinned Alive – Cats and Dogs Killed for the Fur Trade

Friend or Food? South Korea’s Cruel Dog Meat Trade

Dog and cat trade 8

Please click here to sign petitions



Rescuing Homeless Pets from Shelters

There are many animal transport rescue groups that are FREE or cheap. Save that life!  Some are already facing death when they have only just been born. Don’t let them die if there is even a sliver of a chance they could have lived and loved!


Please note this list is a work in progress and is updated about twice a month.

Any GOLD text is a link, just right click on it to GO TO the link, or to COPY or SAVE then go to destination and right click PASTE to insert link.  All text and links are searchable using CTRL F.


Have you decided to rescue a cat on death row?

The following is a list of rescues that might be able to assist. Remember, time is sensitive. They begin killing at 6am, the morning after these lists are posted.

Placing applications with more than one group increases the chances of someone being able to see and respond quickly, as this improves your chances of being approved. When at all possible, please try to fill out applications and get approved to adopt or foster BEFORE the animal is on ‘the list’ and it is at the 11th hour!

MANY RESCUES HAVE APPLICATIONS RIGHT ON THEIR SITE  When writing them, be sure to indicate the animal ID number, name and shelter location in the SUBJECT line. You must include all contact info for yourself, including email and phone.  Explain to them that the animal is on the ACC euthanasia list for the next morning and that you would like to foster/adopt.

Up to date list of rescues approved to pull from NYC AC&C
["This can be found in this article in full a little further down the page]

Urgent Pets on Death Row NYCACC information and news

To foster or adopt an urgent cat from NYC

Helping Out of State Adopters/Foster Save from NYACC


Advocate for Saving Dogs

Tips for finding lost and missing pets

PetConnect helping shelter pets find people

To find Pets, Rescues, or Shelters by area

Disaster Preparedness

Click this pic for a list of specialist rescues

Click here for free Facebook course for animal rescue groups

Transforming Shelters to Save More Cats: A Blueprint for Change

Fostering a pet FAQs


Starting Facebook  thread for urgent animals that need immediate help

More immediate exposure on Facebook for urgent animals

Animal rescue Facebook directory

A Shelter Friend in North Carolina – rescue support

Pets Alive San Antonio
Does not pull for adopters/fosters; but you can adopt from them which opens a spot for another animal

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary Inc

Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs Networking

Feral Fixers
Practicing and Promoting Trap-Neuter-Return in Illinois have lots of helpful information on how to run a TNR group

California Pet Rescues on Facebook

Last Chance for Animals (LCA)
Feline Underground Network
Angels for Animals Network
San Bernardino Shelter Kitties
Feral Paws Rescue
Adoptrescue Catskittens

Others, Georgia etc.

Foster Paws Rescue SC
Texas Pawprints Cat & Kitten Rescue Angels Among Us Michigan
Winging Cat Rescue
Furkids Inc
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue


Black cats

Black Cat Rescue

For the Love of Black Cats

I Love Black Cats

Love Black Cats

Black Cats Need Love

Black Cats in Need of Rescue and Adoption

The Black Cat Society of GCHS


While all rescues listed do pull for individuals, Rescues with an asterisk (*) may pull euth list animals for fosters/adopters if apps are received and in the process of being approved. Please inquire with the rescue for their current placement requirements

*Adopt-a-Buddy – Brooklyn NY
Email for foster/adoption application:

*All Sentient Beings (ABS) NY
Foster application:
Fill in the application & email to or fax to 773-337-5446.

*AmsterDog NY
Contact: Deb DiIorio –

Anarchy Animal Rescue – Staten Island, NY
Foster application:
Anarchy does NOT place dogs in foster homes that are more than 2 hours away from their base in Staten Island, NY. However, If you are more than 2 hours away and you want to foster a dog, they will be happy to help you find a rescue close to you that is in need of fosters. They will only pull dogs for pre-approved foster parents. If you want to foster, get your application in first & as soon as possible.

Bobbi and the Strays – Freeport, NY
Foster application – Complete this MS Word version
of the Foster Form electronically; save to your computer; then email it to
Or print & complete the PDF version & fax it to 718-326-6071.
Emails: &

Eleventh Hour Rescue* – Rockaway, NJ
Email: &
Foster application:
Adoption application:

Empty Cages Collective* – Brooklyn, NY

Forgotten Friends of Long Island – Plainview, NY
Applications Foster/Adopt:

Four Paws Sake Rescue – Queens, NY
Foster/Adoption application:!__for-adoption

In Our Hands Rescue* – Bronx, NY
Foster application:
Adoption application:
Contact: Jennifer – Email:

Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue – Huntington Station, NY
Email for adoption/foster info to

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue – NYC, Bainbridge PA, Cincinnati, OH
Foster application:
Adoption Application:
Contact: Mary-Ellen Rozak –
They will only pull dogs for pre-approved foster parents. If you want to foster, get your application in first. Louie’s Legacy does NOT place dogs in foster homes that are not within driving distance of their Staten Island base so that on weekends the animals can go to Adoption Events in the area. – Can sometimes pull for people who live within reasonable driving distance of their PA and OH branches, IF they are pre-approved and with advance notice.

A Positive Promise Pit Bull Foundation - Shavertown, PA (NY – New Hope approved!)
Email for adoption/foster application, as far in advance as possible.
– Specializing in rescuing/fostering/adopting Pitbulls only.
Will work with PA area potential fosters/adopters that would like to save a NYCAC&C dog.

Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, Middletown, NY
Pets Alive does not accept foster applications, but you can adopt from them, which will open up a space for another animal in need of rescue from the shelter

Posh Pets Rescue* – NY
Foster application:
Adoption application:
Contacts: Melissa Nelson: and Linda Vetrano:

Rebound Hounds* Res-Q – NY
Foster form: – Fill out & email to
Adoption form:
Contact: Donna Darrell

ReeFuge Animal Rescue* – Brooklyn, NY
Foster/Adopter App:

SecondChance Rescue* (now 2nd Chance Rescue NYC) Flushing, NY
If you can Foster, contact Jennifer Brooks
Foster/adoption application:

Social Tees Animal Rescue* – NY (East Village)
Foster application:
Contact: Dimitra Bennett

Rescuzilla – New York, NY
Foster/Adoption application:
FYI – 90% of the dogs rescued by them are Pitbulls.

Waggin Train Rescue Inc.* – Brooklyn, NY
To inquire about becoming a Foster, please contact:
Nanette LaRochelle – Email: or Jane Kleinsinger – Email:
They specialize in large dogs and German Shepherds.

Zani’s Furry Friends* – NY
– Fill out in MS Word, copy/paste into body of email & send to: and CC: J. Vukman –
Contacts: Jacqueline Vukman –
and Gisella McSweeny –
– They serve the NY Tri-State area, Southern NE, and occasionally further away to the purfect fur-ever family.

Rescues in particular for Senior & Special Needs dogs

Red Hook Dog Rescue – Brooklyn, NY
Contact: Harriet Zucker

Senior Animal Medical Fund Inc. (SAMA) – Altamont, NY
Request Foster Application via email to
Website: SAMA can pull senior dogs, as well as help with medical needs.
All Fosters must be located in the Tri-State area ~ NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD ~ NO EXCEPTIONS!

K9Kastle – NY
Contact Tara at, Emily at or Nancy at for an application for adoption or fostering ~ They will gladly send you an application.
Other email:!/pages/K9Kastle/198020466874807?sk=info
Mostly rescues small, elderly, or special needs dogs.

This list includes some breed-specific rescues as well as rescues that specialize in animals other than dogs

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Adopt A Boxer Rescue
All About Spay Neuter
All Sentient Beings
Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoption
American Bulldog Rescue
American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)*
Angela’s Felines
Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C)
Animal Center of Queens
Animal Haven*
Animal Rescue Force (ARF)
Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons
Animals Can’t Talk (ACT)
Animals Can’t Talk Rescue and Adoption (ACT Rescue and Adoption)
Animal Welfare Society
Anjellicle Cats Rescue
A Place for Us
Art for Animals*
A Tail At A Time
Barbara the Cat Lady
Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue
Bobbi and the Strays
Boxer Angels Rescue
Brooklyn Animal Action
Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC)*
Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition
Cascade Beagle Rescue–East
Cat Assistance Inc.
City Critters*
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New Jersey
CSM Stray Foundation (USA) Inc.
Curly Tail Pug RescueCrested Guardians
Dalmatian Adoption
Derrek’s Gleeful Rescue
Destiny’s Pet ProjectDoberman Pinscher Club of America Rescue Committee
Dog Habitat Rescue
Eastern German Shorthaired Pointer Club Rescue Program
English Bull Terrier Rescue of New York & New Jersey
Eve’s Sanctuary
Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption
Feline Rescue Mission
Feline Rescue of Staten Island
Ferals in Peril
First Run Medical & Rescue Fund for Animals
For Animals, Inc.
Forgotten Friends of Long Island
For Our Friends
For the Love of Dog (Rottweilers)
Four Paws Sake NYC
Friendly Ferals
Friends of Rescued Mastiffs
German Shepherd Rescue of Central New York
German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania in Brooklyn, NY
Glen Highland Farm/Sweet Border Collie Rescue
Glen Wild Animal Rescue
GRROWLS (Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide)
Gotham City Kitties
Grateful Greyhounds
Green Mountain Pug Rescue
Heart and Hand Society
Heart and Soul Animal Rescue
HEART: Help Every Animal Restore Trust
Heavenly Huskies & Canine Companions
House Rabbit Society
Humane Society of New York*
The Husky House
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service (IMPS)
Italian Greyhound Rescue NYC (IGRNYC)
Kitten Little Rescue
Kodi’s Club
Labrador Retriever Rescue – CT
Patricia H. Ladew Foundation
Le Cats on the Water
Lifeline Animal Rescue
Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance
Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center
Long Beach Humane Society
Long Island Bulldog Rescue
Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
Long Island GreyHound Transfer
Long Island Labrador Retriever Rescue
Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue
Louis Animal Foundation
Loving Touch
MetroMalts: Metropolitan Maltese Rescue
Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Mighty Mutts
Miss Rumples for Small Dogs
Mountain Rottie ResQ (MRR) of New York
Neighborhood Cats
New England Border Collie Rescue
New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue
New Rochelle Humane Society
NJ Schnauzer Rescue Network
Northeastern Boxer Rescue
Northern New England Dog Rescue
North Fork Animal Welfare League
North Shore Animal League America
NYC Shiba Rescue
Only Hope Cat Rescue
Orphaned Pets, Inc.
Paws To Love Adoptions
People for Animals
Peppertree Rescue
Pet Adoption League Inc./Chow Rescue of NY
PET-I-CARE NYC Adoption Program
P.L.U.T.O. Rescue of Richmond County
Poor Animals of St. Francis
Posh Pets Rescue
Rabbit Rescue & Rehab
Rawhide Rescue
Ready for Rescue
Red Hook Dog Rescue
R.S.V.P. Inc. (Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets)
Russell Refuge (Jack Russell Terriers)
Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue
S.A.V.E. Animal Rescue
Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center
SaveKitty Foundation
Save Our Strays
Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York
Sean Casey Animal Rescue
The Sheltering Wing Bird Preservation and Adoptions
Shelter Survivors
Shore Hearts Golden Retriever Rescue
Small Paws Rescue (Bichon Frise)
Social Tees Animal Rescue
SPCA of Connecticut
Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare (SICAW)
Stray from the Heart
Tails of Courage
Tavi & Friends / Tavi’s Curls
Tigger Foundation
Tiny Treasures Rescue
Treasured k9s
Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue
Tri-State Weimeraner Rescue
Underdog ResQ
United Action for Animals
Urban Cat League
Waggin’ Train Rescue
Waggytail Rescue
Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue
Woof Dog Rescue
The Worthy Pause Thrift & Gift Shop
Zani’s Furry Friend



Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network (URRKN) on Facebook run by Tina Lablanc is currently under investigation.

Truth about URRKN Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network

Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

The Truth about the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation


AIR TRAVEL  is not recommended with the commercial airlines in the normal way as animals are put in the cargo hold. The cargo areas are not temperature controlled, and especially in the winter and summer months, they can be uninhabitable, meaning that animals may not survive. There is one airline that has a good reputation for taking care of animals.

Forum discussion

Air Animal pet movers since 1977

No pet is too far too save!!* [Source of some info on this list]

*If you require help or answer to a question, please pm me.  I don’t see these comments on this list regularly unless I check back which is only periodically.

If you want any of these dogs or cats but live far away there are many animal transport rescue groups that are FREE or cheap!!

Don’t look at the sadness in a pet’s eyes and say: “Aaaww, I’d like to adopt him, but he’s too far away…”

Follow these steps find a rescue and transport and he’s as good as yours! First you have to find two rescues, one where the dog is and one where she is. They have to be put in touch with each other so the by her can do the home inspection for the one by the dog,

Each rescue will have their paperwork for her to fill out. Of course the 1st step is to notify the shelter that the dog is wanted (by phone AND EMAIL) Don’t tell them too much, they are on a need to know basis, lol. Some of them will throw a wrench into it.

Transport Network Organisation run by Facebook rescue ARAs

Animal Transports Globally

Animal Transport Assistance for Precious Lives Needing Urgent Help

Animal Transport Assistance for Precious Lives Needing Help

Animal Transport List for Take Action to Help Ban Pet Gas Chambers

Imagine Home

Kindred Hearts

A New Leash on Life Rescue Transport

Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports

Animal Rescue Flights

Pilots & Paws

Wings of Rescue

Rogers Rescue

Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport

Johns C2C Transport LLC

California Animal Rescue Transportation
Also comments for incoming/outgoing out of state transports

START Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team

Brett Adams 714 507-0566
Based in Anaheim, Ca., hauls for several of us on the West Coast from Ca. to WA/BC

Royce Bordes
Angels n’ Paws 909-743-4656
SoCal area to WA/BC border & more

Kevan Boston 760-518-7445
SoCal area to WA/BC/Montana

4 PAWS Rescue Inc.

Peace Love Paws Rescue

Pet Express Animal Transport

Animal Transport Resources

Best Friends Animal Society

Animal Resources Inc

Companion Pet Rescue & Transport of W Tn Inc

John Bloom C2C LLC coast to coast transport

Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports

rhonda @ freedomtraintransports . com

Keith’s Rescue Transports

Debie Brown: Will transport up to 150 miles for free from any Los Angeles, CA Shelter. All anyone has to do is call her at (+1) (310) 528-6255. If she doesn’t answer she’ll call you right back.

Christopher Boyd transport at (+1) (618) 201 4449

John Hautzinger: transport within a decent range of LA shelters and only gas money is charged

The Road Home Transport (+1) (626) 502 6251

Rusty to the Rescue
(+1) (714) 415 8343

Suzy at PET TAXI in California at (+1) (424) 653-4565 National USA

GROWL Rescue & Transport

Companion Pet Rescue & Transport of W. Tn., Inc.

Rescue Puppies on the Move: community

Rural Shelter Transports

Suzanne Shaps Dog Rescue and Transport Postings

Dog Runner Pet Transport LLC Illinois

Animal Rescue Flights

P.E.T.S. Animal Rescue Road Trip LLC
(+1) (877) 560-PETS or (+1) (877) 560-7387

Pets On Board Transport
For a fast quote call: (+1) (888) 914–PETS or
(+1) (310) 899-6891

Holm to Home Transport Services
No website but transports everywhere

Animal Rescue Flights

Fly Me Home for Pet Escorts from Egypt to Everywhere


Here is the list I use to find transporters. I have collected up through the months. I am still working on it. Some are paid but most are free. Some are actual transporter pages and some are pages to post your needs and then people will offer or you can ask to be added to a planned transport. Everyone is very helpful.

Each one can be found on Facebook or the web, just type the name into the search in Facebook or Google.

Please try Rescue Road Warriors
Long distance ground transport, we specialize in private rides cross country. We also have local offices in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Locally we offer pickup and drop off for daycares, boarding, and vet appointments.

Dog Gone Taxi
Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone 1 888.761.8626

Martha’s Mutt Movers/The Rescue Railroad

Animal Transport Group

Rescue Ride Share

“Take Me Home” Rescued Pets Transport Network

Transport for NY rescue dogs

Animal Rescue Facebook Directory

Comin’ Home

Crazy Canine Crew Pet Transport LLC

Travel all parts of Ohio and Western Pa
234 567 7372 and on Facebook

Debbie Brown 310-528-6255
Phone is the best way to get in touch with me if I’m needed. 150 miles from Los Angeles, Orange County area

John Duggins
Drive 48 states
Phone 540-256-4047

PA/MD area:

Sharon K Chaffee:

Stephanie Goehring:

Bobbi McGettigan:

Rachel Vaughn:

Donna Zeigfinger:

Theresa Jones Zuccarello:

Myth Medieval Celtic through south central PA, including through Philly into Central Northern Maryland

Tammy King
Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Martica Heanor
Can help with a leg from NYC to NJ or PA

Rescue My Paws

Rescue Ride Share, contact

New England Ride OFFERS

Transport by State

By Joanie Zupan and Julia Hagan in FLORIDA TRANSPORT





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota





Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport

Rescue Road Trips

Transpetters Pet Limousine Service

Camp Cupcake For Critters, LLC
Boarding / Critters on the Go!

Lending a Paw-Ground Transportation for Animal Rescue

Pet Adoption Highway

P.E.T.S. (Peterson Express Transport Service)
615 218 1589

Rural Shelter Transports

Pet Rescue Railroad

Rescue Dog Transport Group

Pet Airways

HOPE Transports NC-NH 910-620-1001

Weekly transports NC, to VA, MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA (outskirts), and NH. H.O.P.E. 910 620 1001

ANIMAL home phone 540 837 1878
Bruce and Rachel Lockwood
We live in Boyce VA Donations toward fuel are always appreciated, but not required

Road Dogs Transport, Katsrodeo’s transporting
2245 Sandpiper Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Get directions phone 757 724 3921

Animal Rescue Transfer System (ARTS)
Getting animals to safety wherever that may be

Rescue Transport

Road Dogs Transport, Inc.
Jackson, Tennessee

Dog Runner Pet Services · Brighton, Illinois
1851 Fosterburg Road, Brighton, IL 62012
Main: 618 372 8521
Cell: 618 977 7171
Fax: 618 372 0086

H.O.P.E. Ground Services Burgaw, North Carolina

Angelsonwheels NC
537 N Nash St Hillsborough, 27278 NC
Tel: +1 919-644-7854

Wheels for Paws NC

4 Paws Transport, Charleston, SC

Open Arms Dog Transport OH

Cloud Nine Rescue

Pet Air
Tel 816-471-3852

Throwaway Pups
Brandy at

Roads of Hope

Truck ‘n’ Paws

Dreaming My Way Home

Animal Rescue Flights

Pet Friendly Travel

Safe Dog Express

Jay Richmond’s Pet Transportation 917 751 3406
Comfortable transport of rescue animals in the US

Group for transporting Rescued Pets anywhere in North America – a group you’ll have to join with

Lucky Dog Rescue Flights 85
LUCKY-DOG 855 825 9364
or call 85-LUCKY-DOG 855 825 9364

Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.)
Transport Coordinator
Linda Fox,

Tullahoma Small Breed Rescue 931 393 3522
Tullahoma, TN 37388
A rescue friendly truck driver who regularly drives a route between Colorado and the East Coast

Companion Rescue & Transport, Nashville, TN 37221
Tel: 615 260 8473 or tel 731 217 6196

Sky Ark
Free air transportation
P.O. Box 1553, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

Flying Paws
Message to be sent on contact page

BRATS Badger Rescue Animal Transport Services, Inc.
10602 N Port Washington Rd #204, Mequon WI 53092
Tel 414 322 1085

Alpha Dog Transport Inc
508 868 0642

Pro Pet Transport
Professional Pet Transports Inc
59154 Trafton Lane OR 97845
John Day

West Coast Dog Transports

Dogster Railroad

Shelters and transport in KY

Myth Medieval Celtic
Through south central PA, including through Philly into Central Northern Maryland

Tammy King
Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Martica Heanor
Can help with a leg from NYC to NJ or PA

Rescue Ride Share

Tucker Fleiss Rescue/Transport in Los Angeles, CA

Kyle Young
Tel: 661 874 7546
Volunteer with the Lancaster shelter

Animal Airlift

i95 transporters 352 585 0936

Dana Stanley 870 331 3418

Melinda Phelps Feicker 940 595 0949

Fara John 315 427 3688


Myrna Gaidry 515 707 4129

Toll Free: 1 877 560 PETS 7387
Kyle 615 218 1589

Operation Roger 682 622 1172

PetRelocation 1 512 264 9800

Animal Port Houston 281 821 2244

Express Pet Transport 979 219 3686

AirVets Pet Relocation 972 591 1342

Continental Airlines
800 575 3335 or 832 235 1541

AHeinz57 515 834 2635

Animal Transporters (US and International) 310 821 5576

Flying Paws

LNT Pet Transport
210 649 2004
210 722 4877

Pilots N Paws

Rescue Road Trips

SkyArk 719 207 8760

Pet Airways 1 888 PETAIRWAYS

Animal Land Pet Movers
877 379 8625

Animals Away 800 492 7961

TLC Pet Transport
877 495 PETS
859 428 1677

Pet Express Transport Services
859 689 7387

Happy Tails Travel
1-800 323 1718 or 520 299 3315

Air Animal 800 635 3448 or 813 879 3210

AARK Air International 800 511 AARK or 815 627 3502
Cell: 630 542 9640

Ace Relocation Services 585 637 2013

American Airlines 1-800 433 7300

Delta Airlines 800 221 1212

Delta Cargo 1 888 736 3738

United Cargo 1 800 UA CARGO or 1 800 822 2746

US Airways 800 428 4322

Southwest Airlines 1 800 435 9792


Chihuahua Rescue and Transport

All Breed Rescue (yahoo networking group)

Dogster Transport Discussion Forum

Pawsitively Texas Volunteers

I-10 and I-20 Rescue and Transport (yahoo group)

I-35 Rescue and Transport (yahoo group)

On The Road Again (yahoo group)

Pet Travel (yahoo group)

Recue Angels on Wheels (yahoo group)

Rescue Transport (yahoo group)

Rolling Rescues (yahoo group)

Truck-N-Paws (yahoo group)

Facebook in Animal Rights Advocacy

Facebook is used by many activists to interact with others who are doing the same work, to raise acknowledgement (awareness) of many issues, to get humans and other animals out of dangerous situations, as an alert system, and to find new ways of interacting that can bring people and other animals together in a more peaceful way.

If you want to get news and information out to people or to fundraise the key to using Facebook is to get as many notifications out as you can.

Facebook has account pages which are pages that you friend or follow, groups that you join, and like pages that you like.

No matter what you are trying to promote or get out there an image is the way to go – people are far more likely to look at something that has an image attached to it.

You can use a photo for this, make a photo collage, or a flyer with both words and images. Photo Grid and Pizap are the two most popular in the animal activism world.

When there is something that you need to get out you need to share it to people and groups, tag the photo, comment on it, and post it to like pages.

Sharing obviously puts it where it needs to be.

Tagging the photo is the most important thing to do. If you tag me all of the over 4500 people I am friends with will get a notification and will see the image. People who are following me will also get it.  If their accounts are public their friends are also very likely to see it in their news feed.

Last summer I worked with a group of women to analyze the posts from the NYCACC nightly kill lists and we found that, over a three month period, every single pet whose photo had fewer than 15 tags was killed. TAGGING SAVES LIVES.

Every time you comment on the photo thread each person who is tagged and who has commented on it will get a notification. This means that photo-tags work for you even if you are not online.

Posting to like pages will send a notification to the people who administer the page. The post will go to the right and the people who have liked the page can see the beginning of it. The admins can then post it directly to the page.

The reason to use both groups and like pages is that people who do the same kind of work are more likely to be in groups, people who do not necessarily engage in that kind of activism are, though, likely to have liked a page — this means that you reach very different audiences.

Groups There are three kinds of groups — open (everyone can see the posts) closed (you can find the group in a search but can only see posts if you are a member) and secret (you cannot find the group in a search and you must be added by someone who belongs to the group).

Sharing to groups has the advantage of reaching people who are likely to do the same kind of work that you do but who you are not account friends with. It also keeps posts about certain topics in one place where it can be easily accessed. If you share to a group all of your friends will get a notification of the post and all of the people who belong to that group also receive a notification. If I share to Saving our Animals through Networking the 4,527 people on my page will receive a notification and the 12, 501 people who belong to that group will also receive the notification.

Other kinds of tagging: you can LINETAG – @name in a comment. This is the LEAST EFFECTIVE WAY to try to get people because there is no image attached to it. You can also SHARETAG – when sharing to your own page you can tag @name people you have friended and like pages and the post will go to each of them.

I have done as many as 40 sharetags on one post. Some advantages of this are that you can reach many, many people with one post – all of your friends, all of the friends of each person you tag, and all of the people who have liked the pages. If you were to sharetag me and a few of my friends you could easily reach over 20,000 people with one share.

Another reason to do things this way is that animal activists are often blocked from sharing because we share so much so often. If you get a warning stop immediately – never, ever type in the code that you see in the box – this means that you will immediately be blocked from sharing.

We are also often blocked for photo-tagging. You will get a security check that will ask you to identify the one person you tagged in that photo from a list of four names. I get around this by ALWAYS only tagging the same people and by writing down who I tagged if they are different. If I have a second account open in another browser and I’m not certain I can use that to check.

Another advantage of photos is that you can link related photos to it and you can also link VIDEOS and FUNDRAISING links as well.

If you also use Twitter there are apps that can link accounts. I have found that I have very different audiences and use my accounts for different things.

Instagram can be used for other things but it doesn’t allow us to keep links and info with photos.

by Nicole Garner

Operation Military Pets

Pets in Military Families

You get your deployment orders, and look at Fido, and wonder… “what am I going to do with my beloved furry friend?” Perhaps someone in your family or a friend can help you take care of your pet… A shelter? “No, I can’t do that to my faithful Fido”… This is such a difficult, stressful time to have to worry about Fido… The good news is that there are organizations that can help you and your pet with temporary foster care. We have listed a few below. Contact them, and they will help you take care of your furry friend or point you in the right direction!

Pet resources for the military community

Adopt-a-Pet helping PCS families

SPCA helps MilFams keep their pet

Adopt-a-Pet Helping PCS Families

Placement for pets of military families

Military Foster Program

Supporting our military and their beloved pets

Fostering military pets – American Humane Association

FOSTER military pets

Four non-profit organizations helping military family

Sea Dog Inn helping military personnel with their pets

Military support & resources

Before it's too late….


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