More than 300 petitions to help animals worldwide, listed by subject. There are also links to other lists of petitions (marked **). Text can easily be copied with a left and right mouse click to email or post anywhere on the internet. CTRL F will search this list.

Please sign and share widely.

[These petition links will work perfectly on Facebook except that links are abbreviated so they can effectively only be copied again from Facebook using the text stored in edit mode not the text that appears.]

There is a terrible animal holocaust going on right now with at least sixty billion land animals and one trillion water animals killed every year and probably very many more. This is in part due not only to the greed, cruelty and negligence of some people in power but the failure of so many others to take steps to stop it or do anything about it. That includes the failure of so many animal charities which spend 90% or more of their money on properties, investments, expensive advertising and public relations, high salaries and lavish expense accounts. What is more charities that don’t do that come under attack from those that do, on the basis of they need to be more ‘transparent’, or more ‘professional’, whatever that means.

Petitions have been proven to work, and provide an excellent way to draw people’s attention to what is happening in specific and general situations. Yet many people won’t even sign more than a petition or two every so often. Others will claim that petitions don’t work. The fact is, petitions do work and petitions are one of the easiest ways to share information with acquaintances, friends or family, in person, on Facebook or just about anywhere on the internet.

[To copy links left mouse click then drag to select then right click on selected text to CUT or COPY and then go to Word, or Facebook, emails, blogs, or elsewhere and right click PASTE.]

Most have heard something about YouSign petitions going nowhere, and have noticed that some sites have blocked them.

Be careful of what you sign

The con continues

Do stop lying

You lie

Petitionhub and Yousign are corrupt petition sites

Scam alert and warning

Imposters pretending to help animals

All petitions are not created equal

WHY, BBC NEVER reported trophy hunting in Africa and the truth about Yousign

Thread on Care 2 News about Yousign, Petitionhub and Yousignanimals

One of the worst things about Yousign and Petitionhub is that they sensationalize specific cases of abuse – sometimes copying other people’s petitions and even using old information, so that genuine and important petitions – which could help to save many more animal lives – do not the get the number of signatures that they need.

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All petitions checked and updated 8 Aug 2015.]

Petition to create a public registry for animal abusers

Trophy Hunting in Africa and elsewhere

Demand an end to trophy hunting wild animals

Stop exotic animal trophies killed by US citizens or residents entering the US

Ebay say no to equipping hunters

Stop murdering wildlife for the sake of television ratings

Ban trophy hunting from being promoted through television contests

Stop the savage and sickening trophy and sport hunting

Stop the legal killing of wildlife

Hunting is not a sport

Ban breeding trading trophy hunting of wildlife in South Africa

Stop any kind of safari hunting in South Africa

Ban all forms of canned trophy hunting in South Africa

Stop breeding mutant animals for hunting

EU please ban the import of wildlife “trophies” into Europe

Tell New York to Ban Endangered African Animal Imports

End WWF partnership with pro-hunting lobby

Complete ban on trophy hunting in South Africa and a full census

Stop trophy hunting giraffes

Stop hunting girafffes for sport

Protect grizzly bears by banning the trophy hunt in BC

Stop the legal slaughter of polar bears by trophy hunters

Stop trophy hunting mountain lions in Nebraska

Stop the canned hunting of large cats in South Africa

Stop canned hunting in South Africa

Stop canned lion hunting in South Africa

South Africa no more canned hunts

Ban Canned Hunting in Arizona

Ban canned hunting in Indiana

Ban lion trophy imports to the United States

Please ban killing nature for sport it is a crime against humanity

Ban lion and rhino trophies into the European Union

Ban endangered African animal trophy imports from Namibia

Zambian tourist board: to reinstate ban on hunting lions and leopards

USF&W Service save the lions from mass extinction

Remove the page of Kendall Jones that promotes animal cruelty

Protest permission granted to trophy hunter to import rhino trophy

Hunting Trapping and Poaching

Make USDA do its job and stop cruelty to animals

End the hunts Texas

Please boycott the movie “The Longest Ride” starring Scott Eastwood

Help end the mass killing of wildlife by the US Government

Ask Your Representative to Support Reform of USDA’s Wildlife Services Program

Boycott National Wildlife Federation who support wolf hunting and trapping

Do not allow trapping of wildlife on protected lands

Ban the use of steel jaw traps in Nebraska

Say no to Indiana’s otter hunt

Stop Yellowstone National Park’s bison slaughter

Save the wolverine from hunting and trapping with only 300 left

Petition Alaska on trapping and bear baiting regulations

Say no to hound hunting and baiting black bears in Montana

Ban vicious wildlife bloodsports penning and baiting in US

Ban fox and coyote penning in all 50 states

Investigate baby fawn killed by SWAT team

Support funding for anti-poaching education

Save endangered pangolins from illegal poaching

More petitions for animal killing contests

Find  your local anti-fur legislators

Ban fur trapping on public lands in US

In Sweden one million minks are gassed to death every year

Remove animals from Quebec fur farm

Ban fur farming in the EU

Ban the production import and sale of all fur products across Europe

European Commission to ban the production, import and sale of all fur products across Europe


200+ petitions for wolves here


Save birds from runaway poaching

Ban the shooting of doves for target practice in Iowa

Ban the use of lead ammunition in hunting which poisons birds

Stop lead poisoning our birds

Save birds from runaway poaching

Stop migrating birds being slaughtered in Malta and Cyprus

Stop Spring bird hunting in Malta

Protect migrating birds end hunting in Tomales Bay

Petition to ban birds in cages and the trade in Australian native birds

Stop plucking live birds for their feathers

Ask solar plant to investigate what is killing thousands of birds

Protect starlings & other birds from contaminated sewage waters


Save turkeys and eat a meat-free Thanksgiving meal

No bees no food

Laboratory Experiments

Urge Feds to cut funding for cruel experiments at UCSF

Tell Bristol-Myers Squibb to implement non-animal tests

Animals burned mutilated and neglected at University of Texas

Tell the Ticket Clinic to drop Its cruel chimpanzee ad

Urge the FDA to end painful tests on animals

Terminate cruel University experiment on baby monkeys

Stop baby monkeys being tortured and killed to study fear

Stop your cruel and deadly experiments on animals

Abolish breeding of beagles for use in experiments in UK

Stop Procter & Gamble selling products tested on animals

Killing of Homeless Pets in US

End taxpayer funded abuse, demand shelter reform

We demand the USDA be investigated and removed as oversight for animals

Stop the abortion of baby animals in shelters

San Antonio Animal Control stop killing pregnant animals

Stop healthy cats and dogs from being euthanized

End euthanization in US animal shelters

Stop all kill shelters and death rows in the USA

Implement TNR programs and convert to no kill in North Carolina

Ban heart stick killing in animal shelters

Ban heartstick gassing and other euthanasia of animals in USA

Against gas chambers to euthanize animals

Ban the gas chambers used to kill millions of dogs and cats

Stop euthanising shelter animals in gas chambers

Cruel gas chamber deaths should be abolished in Michigan

Utah gas chambers are animal cruelty please ban them

Ban the use of gas chambers in all animal kill shelters in Oklahoma

Don’t prohibit rescue facilities from accepting stray animals

Stop national parks from killing domestic animals on their grounds

In loving memory of animals who have suffered will they get justice

Change welfare laws for animals and enforce punishment

Help save animals let’s stop animal cruelty once and for all and let’s change laws we can do this

Shut down the adoption and sale of pets on Craigslist

Stop Craigslist from advertising pets free to a good home

Petition which exposes the truth about the 10,000 puppy farms in the USA

Ban puppy mills

Ban the chaining or tethering of dogs throughout the US


Petitioning the New York Times to stop the murders

NYC animal shelters are in violation we demand an investigation

NYC AC&C major failures

NYC AC&C make NYC AC&C into a low kill shelter

Open letter to Dr. Scott M. Stringer New York City Comptroller


Demand the UK become involved in forcing China to adopt
new laws

Stop disgusting cruelty to animals at abattoir in Staffordshire UK

Make CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses

Stop advertising animals on Gumtree for free or for sale

Move prosecution of animal abusers to criminal Crown Court

Boycott Fortnum & Masons and Harrods for selling foie gras

Save fox cubs from cruel barbaric hunts

Say no to horse meat and stop the trade now

Stop terrible cruelty on Spanish rabbit farm supplying UK

Harvey Nichols stop selling fur

Gap Inc. stop selling fox rabbit and raccoon fur

Ban fur in the classrooms at the Fashion Institute of Technology


Arts Council of Ireland to stop funding animal circuses

Ban hunters from forests belonging to Irish Forestry

Ban blood sports in Ireland

End cruel blood sport of fox hunting in Ireland

Irish Government to save foxes and dogs from horrific cruelty

Minister Humphreys to stop licensing cruel hare coursing

Minister Coveney to save Irish hares from cruel coursing

Stop sponsoring hare coursing in Ireland

Petition to ban horrific hare coursing cruelty in Ireland

Protect the Irish hare

Stop badger snaring cruelty now


Jail Greek farmers who walked free from court after shooting workers

Cry out for the cats of Cyprus

Ask Denmark Norway and The Netherlands to stop using and killing animals in military training exercises

End Bullfighting in France

STOP Spain’s cruel and barbaric Toro de la Vega

Ban Torturous Hanging of Greyhounds in Spain


Stop killing kangaroos – 4.5 million slaughtered every year

Thousands of feral cats killed

End barbaric live baiting cruelty in greyhound racing


Demand that traps be made illegal in Canada

Canada stop the legal slaughter of polar bears by trophy hunters

Stop the inhumane killing of wolves in Alberta

Stop the slaughter of wolves in Canada

Save British Columbia wolves

Help shut down Marineland in Ontario Canada

Ban the import into Canada of fur and skins of dogs and cats


End all live exports to Eilat our tourist city in Israel

Ban the slaughter of black swans in New Zealand

Ban the eating of cat meat in Peru


We demand EU embargo on China

A world boycott on China until it stops cruelty to animals

Urge Chinese government to set up laws against animal cruelty

Ban fur farms in China

End the sale of live animals in keychains

Stop the selling of live animals as keychains

End gendercide now

Stop torturing bears and end bear bile farming In China


Another list of petitions for animals in China

Stop civet coffee bean farming

Demand Amazon to stop advertising and selling civet coffee

Stop Amazon from supporting the torture of civets for coffee

Ban the sale of fruit bats by Indonesian street vendors

Ask the Government of Nepal to pass an Animal Welfare Act

Stop the senseless killing of ritual slaughter

Stop making bear paw soup in Asia

Asian Cat and Dog Trade

Address the Issue of Food Safety in the Dog Meat Trade

Revoke FCI decision to host WDS 2019 in China …Not yet ready

Nobody touch the dog

Nobody touch the cat

Stop the terrible practice of eating dog meat in China

Stop eating dogs in China

Outlaw the horrific dog and cat meat and fur trade within China

Chinese government stop allowing the slaughter of cats and dogs

Punish the cat traders of Shanghai

Stop the untold suffering endured by beloved pets for fashion

Let’s end China’s shocking fur trade

Yulin Dog Festival in Guangxi

Please shut down the Yulin dog meat festival in Guangxi

Please shut down the Yulin dog meat festival

Stop the Yulin dog slaughter

Petition to Mayor and officials in Yulin

South Korea

Stop Torturing Dogs S Korea #worseThanYulin

Stop the meat dog farmer who is threatening to breed 1,000 dogs by performing vocal cord removal

All South Korean companies Samsung Hyundai Kia Lg adopt a policy to ban dog and cat meat

South Korean food torture culture cats boiled for ancient tonic

Save cats and dogs in South Korea from brutal deaths

End the cruel dog and cat meat industry

Cut your ties with the criminals and demolish illegal dog slaughterhouse

Stop the construction of large scale illegal dog farms and stop farming

Close Chilseong market’s despicable illegal slaughterhouses

Petition president to take dog and cat meat off the menu

End the South Korean dog meat trade

Stop the dog and cat meat trade in Korea by 2018 Olympics

Vietnam and Thailand

Stop China and Thailand’s production of dog meat

Stop the dog meat trade in Vietnam

Minister of Health end the culture of dog and cat meat in Vietnam

Stop the dog meat smuggling trade

Stop the meat smuggling trade

Stop dog and cat meat smugglers from Thailand to Vietnam

Stop the dog meat smuggling trade Thailand’s Prime Minister

Help shut down the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand


Stop the trade in dog meat for consumption in Indonesia


Ban the Nigerian dog meat trade in Lagos


Stop brutal killings of stray dogs in India

Sai Baba Ashram stop now killing and poisoning dogs

Take dog meat off menu in Nagaland


Stop palm oil plantations to save the orangutans

Stop killing apes in deforestation for palm oil

Save orangutans cut conflict palm oil not rain forests

List the sun bears in Sumatra as endangered


Shut down China’s tiger farms

Close all tiger farms in China

Help save South China tigers from extinction

Please help to save the Sumatran tiger with only 400 left

Protect tigers keep them out of American backyards

Save the wild tigers in Vietnam

Tiger Time

Save starving tiger cubs from Tiger Safari in Oklahoma


Stop US hunters killing elephants

Stop trophy hunting of all rare desert elephants

Stop poaching the elephants in Africa for the sale of ivory to China

Save the elephants stop blood ivory

Help end illegal ivory trade in the US

CITES crack down on elephant murders

Stop the slaughter of elephants in Sumatra now

Urgent stop illegal export and sale of wild baby elephants lion cubs and sable

Save baby elephants stolen from their families

Stop sales of elephants globally

Zimbabwe abducts baby elephants we can still help them

Free 34 baby elephants trapped at gunpoint in Zimbabwe for export

Stop the capture of wild baby elephants

Stop kidnapping baby elephants for circuses

End export of wild baby elephants to zoos

Stop serving elephant meat in Zimbabwe for any celebrations

Robert Mugabe please help stop the export of animals to China

Stop capturing baby elephants for circuses in China

Request legislation be passed in the USA to ban wild animals in circuses

Request legislation be passed in the USA to ban wild animals in circuses

Stop circuses using wild animals

Ban the enslavement and abuse of animals for entertainment

Close Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley Park in China

Letter to China Dear China

Protect elephants from practice of breaking their spirit

Stop the torturing of elephants in Thailand


Help end rhino poaching in South Africa

Rhinoceros in South Africa need your help before their extinction

Re-erect fence at Kruger Park and Mozambique and bring in military

Make Rhino Poaching a Felony in Mozambique

Stop the poaching of South African rhinos

End misconception of rhino horn health benefits in Vietnam

End the poaching and smuggling of rhino horns

Invest more resources towards rhinoceros conservation

Save South Africa’s rhinos and say no to legal trade in rhino horn

Stop the South African rhino horn trade

Stop rhino poaching

Stand up for the South African rhino

Dolphins and whales


White House to abolish any zoos and dolphinariums for ever

American Express stop promoting Seaworld animal cruelty

SeaWorld to become a hospital for Cetaceans for viewing

No more zoos

More petitions and email addresses here
Animal Petitions and More

There is lots of evidence that petitions do work

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